ONLINE ONLY: Students’ bad habits impairing work


Sitting through eighth period English class bored out of your mind, beginning to stress about all of the homework that will consume the afternoon ahead, you notice you have some spare time in your current class that you could be using to get a head start. Since the lesson your current teacher has been rambling on about is almost over, it is probably OK to take out the math packet that has been haunting you for days.

A week later you find out that wasn’t such a good idea, when you receive a D on the quiz about the topics reviewed in class that day; This common scenario is another reason why doing homework during class for other classes is not a good idea.

Rushing to finish an assignment quickly while also hiding the fact that other classes are being worked on from the current teacher is distracting and obviously leads the work to not always being completed with full effort. “It drives me crazy because they should be learning biology during my class not other subjects, ”biology teacher David Bitler said.

One of the downsides to doing homework during class is the sense of stress it adds to the work. Trying to complete an assignment that is due next period because you did not have time the previous night to finish is one of the most stressful feelings.It results in the work not being precise and clearly focused on, as it is just difficult to concentrate on two different subjects at a time. “Trying to do homework for other classes during school makes me so anxious so when I have to I’m constantly off task and can’t focus because it’s so hard,” sophomore Antonia Roach said.

When a teacher tells students to turn off their music and cell phones at the start of class, it is because students are bad at multitasking. While most students think multitasking is a good and effective way to learn and study, it is actually difficult and splits the focus and the effort so that neither task is done with 100 percent effectiveness, “Homework is supposed to be done at home. The worst is when I see someone doing their work while staring at their phone because I know exactly what they are doing,” math teacher Suzanne Pykosh said.

One concern that can come from students doing homework during any class is the idea that teachers in general are assigning more homework than students can handle. “It bothers me because while it is off task, I start to become concerned that it is happening because they do not have enough time to complete it at home because teachers are assigning too much,” Bitler said.

Emily Eichberg