Senior Assassin: game of trust, test of friendship


Photo by Sean Snyder

Seniors Kaitlin Mariani and Shelby Parsons draw their water guns ready to eliminate their targets in senior assassin.

Senior Assassin is a game played by high school seniors in which participants are assigned a target randomly, whom they must assassinate by eliminating them with a water gun or other designated item. The game starts with each person being given a target who they must assassinate within a given time frame.

Senior Assassin typically involves a set of rules such as no killing on school grounds, no killing in a person’s house without permission and no killing while in a moving vehicle. With these rules in place, students must find creative ways to eliminate their target before the timer is up. After each round, the people who did not get their target are out, along with those who were assassinated within the given timeframe. After each round, students who remain alive are given a new target until enough rounds have passed and there is only one left standing.

With the first round of Senior Assassin already underway, students are taking a multitude of precautions. Whether it is only staying within safe zones, not going out to see friends or even skipping school, students try their best to not get out in the first round. “To make sure I survive this round, I am taking every necessary precaution. As of now, I am only going to go out of my house to safe places like school and practice as I already got my target and do not need to risk getting killed,” senior Ryan Kunst said.

While some students are putting a lot of effort into not getting caught, other students are not so cautious. With assignments being completely random, even one of your closest friends could have you as their target. A multitude of students have gotten out by people they expected the least. “My friend Parker had me as his target and got me out at 12:01 on Sunday. I wasn’t expecting it to be one of my closest friends, so I got caught lacking and was the first person out this year,” senior Nikhil Bakshi said.

With Senior Assassin being a senior class-wide event, it requires a lot of organization and coordination. The person or group of people who run Senior Assassin must be ready to deal with issues. “I am running the Senior Assassin games this year, which tasks me to run the Instagram, verify kills, assign people their targets and allocate the prize fund. Unfortunately, since I run Senior Assassin I cannot play, but it has been fun to watch the chaos come over my friends and classmates as the games progress,” senior Josh Mirsky said.

Senior Assassin is a way for students to bond with one another one last time before they go to college. It also tests relationships with friends and classmates. As Senior Assassin continues to rampage throughout the school, stay safe and TRUST NO ONE.