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Junior Devon Graham works on his homework on Dec. 16 during lunch.
Students have mixed feelings about changing class schedules for second semester
AJ Grainger, features editor • December 24, 2020

The school recently decided against the possible plan to keep the same schedules from first semester to second. This means that at the end of...

French Anti-Riot Police patrol the streets of Paris.
French Global Security Bill stirs controversy, protests over restrictions on imaging of police officers
Elliot Wang, news editor • December 24, 2020

Starting in November, protests and other assorted demonstrations have sprung up across the nation of France. The reason for this uprising is...

A nearly empty flight, practicing social distancing and mask wearing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Rise in Covid cases after Thanksgiving
Ellie Reiter, staff writer • December 24, 2020

With 100,000 Covid hospitalizations in a day and a death toll of over 200,000 people, it’s clear that the pandemic is not going to get better...

NASA begins assembling Artemis Space Launch System
Simon Kidane, news editor • December 23, 2020

NASA has begun to build the Artemis Space Launch System (SLS), which will be a key factor in future missions to the moon. The Artemis I Mission,...

Senior Zara Chavoshi waters her Guiana chestnut tree on Jan. 5.
Houseplants serve as therapy, hobby, decor
Maya Erd, managing editor • January 15, 2021

Having plants in your house comes with several advantages. They purify the air, they can be therapeutic and they are aesthetically pleasing....

Common Sense Editorial Board suggests ways to cope with difficult feelings after Jan. 6 riot at U.S. Capitol
Common Sense Editorial Board suggests ways to cope with difficult feelings after Jan. 6 riot at U.S. Capitol
Common Sense Editorial Board • January 8, 2021

In the wake of the violent riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the Common Sense Editorial Board hopes to provide faculty, students and other...

This vegan food pyramid features ar variety of vegan foods to eat in order to have enough nutrients. Foods are featured in ascending order of how much food to eat in different food groups.
Weighing pros and cons of veganism
Dylan Cohen, staff writer • December 24, 2020

In 2020, there is a multitude of different diet options available with health, cultural, ethical and environmental benefits. With vegan and vegetarian...

With the new year fast approaching, what will your resolutions be?
New year, new resolutions
Jake Hoffman, staff writer • December 24, 2020

New year's resolutions can be anything from joining a new club to reading a new book. People don’t just make resolutions for themselves, they...

Target stores prepare for the holiday season inside their operations and outside their buildings as well.
Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, Marshall’s offer good prices on holiday deals
Danielle Berman, profiles editor • December 23, 2020

Spending money on others can be so hard. Not knowing what to get, making sure it is the perfect gift, bringing a useful gift that they want:...

The girls
Successful start to spring virtual season
Rob Carpenter, sports editor • December 21, 2020

The spring virtual sports season began on Monday, Nov. 14. This is a unique opportunity for players to not only build on their skills, but also...

President Donald Trump flips the coin for the anticipated Army Navy football game.
Did the game live up to the hype?
Justin Linn, sports editor • December 19, 2020

With the NFL’s regular season winding down, the playoff picture is becoming more and more visible for some teams but for other teams, the playoffs...

One of the biggest college rivalries takes place in the Big10 Conference. The University of Michigan vs. The Ohio State game will take place on Dec. 12.
College rivalries: The heart of collegiate sports
Brett Halpern, staff writer • December 7, 2020

Harvard and Yale take the field, the whistle blows, and the start of a rivalry that has come to last 145 years has begun. College rivalries run...

Senior Ari Glazier cradles the ball in a game against Churchill last year.
History of lacrosse provides insights into the sport
Alec Fleischer, staff writer • December 4, 2020

In St. Lawrence Valley in 1630, the first Europeans witnessed Native Americans playing a strange game. Interested in what was being played, the...

Since March 12, MCPS students have been unable to return to schools.
Despite arguments for going back to school in-person, we should not
Ethan Berman, staff writer • January 19, 2021

With Coronavirus outbreaks all over the world, especially in Maryland, going back to school at this time is a horrible idea, especially since...

Luna Zhang
Reflections on a bleak day in American history: Political riots at the Capitol
Luna Zhang, guest writer • January 11, 2021

My parents came to the United States in the early 1990s, mystified and allured by the promise of freedom, opportunity, and a better life for...

Common Sense Podcast Episode 4
Common Sense Podcast Episode 4
Eric Yeh, podcast editor • December 18, 2020

For the fourth episode: Welcome to the Common Sense Podcast, episode 4. I am your host Eric Yeh. Episode four is split into three videos that...

Common Sense Podcast Episode 3
Common Sense Podcast Episode 3
Eric Yeh, podcast editor • November 11, 2020

For the third episode: Welcome to the Common Sense Podcast, episode 3. I am your host Eric Yeh. Episode three is split into three videos that...

Actor Chris Hemsworth stars in the Netflix movie Extraction
Flaws in Netflix movie "Extraction"
Justin Miller, staff writer • December 23, 2020

The movie “Extraction,” starring actor Chris Hemsworth, is nothing short of a waste of one hour and 57 minutes of my life. The number of...

Covid CareVids With Josh Freedman
Covid CareVids With Josh Freedman
Joshua M. Freedman, news editor • November 22, 2020

Hello Wootton students! My name is Josh Freedman, and I am currently a junior. Remote learning definitely has its limitations, and in my opinion,...

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