Fall-ing in love with new television seasons


Sydney Cohen

As the nights get colder and the drinks get warmer, it becomes the perfect time to get cozy on the couch and watch TV. Fall marks the return of old favorites while bringing in new faces in a new and exciting way.


Riverdale Season 2: After solving the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom, the team is back for another adventure. Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica are back this season to unravel more secrets about the town of Riverdale as civil war between the South Side Serpents and the rest of the town. With drama at every corner, the season will be packed with twists and turns and surprises. If you have not watched season one, it is available for streaming on Netflix. “I was so excited for Riverdale season two because season one was so interesting to watch. I can never get enough of Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa,” senior Taylor Soroka said.


Stranger Things 2: Travel back in time to the ‘80s for nine hours with the Stranger Things cast as they try to save the entire town from a terrifying new threat. Throughout the season, we are introduced to new characters who will change the dynamic of the original cast from season one. We meet Bob, Joyce’s goofy and sweet new love interest. Then the new girl Max, a sarcastic skater girl who is exceptionally good at arcade games, befriends the boys and aids in their adventure. With a five Emmy Award winning season one, season two of Stranger Things is sure to be a hit. “The cast is so talented in their performances. Especially, the children on the show. Typically child actors lack depth but these kids really bring something special to the show,” junior Somya Jain said.


Once Upon a Time: After six seasons, most people know the story of Emma Swan and Storybrooke. However, with season seven we are taken forward in time when Henry Mills is now a grown adult. Through his young adult life, Henry has explored various new realms. However, trouble is struck when Henry and his wife Cinderella are captured by the same curse and are stuck in Hyperion Heights. With new fairytale characters and the mystery of the town, season seven brings a new twist to the series.
BoJack Horseman: Follow the failed sitcom star BoJack Horseman on his journey for redemption and self discovery on the cartoon series fourth season. In this season, we learn more about BoJack’s past and his parents’ past. Meanwhile, Mr. Peanut Butter runs for office in a confusing and humorous campaign despite Diane’s opposition. This sarcastic and dark humor filled comedy touches on real life problems while still maintaining an upbeat attitude. All seasons of BoJack the Horseman are available for streaming on Netflix. “The show is so funny and it always make me laugh. But there has been a lot of character development through the seasons which is interesting to see,” senior Elana Cohen said.


Alyssa Bursie

Commons Editor