Seniors reflect after applying to art school

Seniors are faced with myriad choices available after high school. Whether it be going to college, the workforce or taking a gap year, the possibilities are endless. However, some students choose to apply to art school to further their passions for art. Admission into a prestigious art school is competitive as a student must show excellence academically and artistically. Each art school typically offers a … Continue reading Seniors reflect after applying to art school

Celebrations ensue as women take spotlight

Women take many faces within our society. Women are doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientist and much more. It’s true: women make the world go round. Throughout the month of March, the nation celebrates National Women’s History Month and acknowledges the diverse women who have made significant impacts on our world. National Women’s History month is not about celebrating the accomplishments of women in only the month … Continue reading Celebrations ensue as women take spotlight

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Honeygrow review

Have you ever wanted the satisfaction that comes from indulging in a big plate of stir fry but didn’t want to deal with the grease? Honeygrow located on Rockville Pike next to Cava is a new chain restaurant that provides a healthy alternative.   The interior is simple and modern with plenty of seating. At around 4 p.m. the restaurant was partly empty and quiet. … Continue reading ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Honeygrow review

New year brings anticipated TV shows

As 2017 comes to an end, so do some of television’s best shows that are packed with drama, action and romance. TV fanatics should not worry as there are plenty of new T.V. shows premiering in 2018 that are bound to become new hit shows. Whether you’re looking for a new crime thriller, comedy or drama, television in 2018 won’t disappoint. The Assassination of Gianni … Continue reading New year brings anticipated TV shows

Holiday season calls for time of giving

Whether it be the twinkling lights throughout town or the festive spirit blossoming, the holidays bring out the charitable side of people. This holiday season there are charities collecting donations to help those in need. Doctors Without Borders, USA Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is a group of doctors that since 1971 has travelled the world to places that are in need of emergency medical aid … Continue reading Holiday season calls for time of giving

FHS energized for batteries

According to SFGate, Americans purchase more than three billion batteries every year. In our homes, batteries are a common item. Whether it is for your T.V. remote or calculator, batteries are essential to our daily lives. But it is a mystery to many people how to properly dispose of their used batteries. The French Honor Society (FHS) is hosting a battery drive until Dec. 1 … Continue reading FHS energized for batteries

Freshman dancer helps lead marching band to success

You may have seen her leaping across the football field during halftime or heard of her award winning dances for the marching band. Either way, freshman Alyssa Herman has distinguished herself as a talented dancer. From the age of five, Herman began dancing in a variety of styles such as hip hop and Bollywood but wants to focus primarily on ballet and modern dance. In … Continue reading Freshman dancer helps lead marching band to success