Popular series ‘Outer Banks’ releases season three


Photo by Marley Hoffman

Freshman Jenny Brailovsky watches episode six of Outer Banks season three during her free time in class.

The hit series “Outer Banks” came out with season three on Feb. 23. This show is a fan favorite because of the clashing between the pogues and the kooks, also defined as the working class and the wealthy. People have been looking forward to this new season since the end of the last season. The second season was left with a cliffhanger as the pogues end up in Poguelandia and the Cameron family is headed to Guadalupe.

This show is also a fan favorite because the teen drama is based on high school kids who live in a place where you are split based on the amount of money you have. This makes the lifestyles of the pogues and kooks very different. This show displays the teens who live in these different living styles coming together and becoming best friends who go on missions together.

The fun-filled beach scenes and the treasure hunt this season kept people watching. This show takes many turns for good and bad. As characters die, new characters come into the show, and old characters return. These character situations keep fans on their feet, ready to watch the next episode. “It was very unexpected but intriguing. It had lots of suspense and grabbed the viewer’s attention,” freshman Samantha Karcz said.

During this season, there are not as many engaging storylines like past seasons; in this season, some episodes towards the middle of the show are more about stories and less about keeping the watchers interested. A lot happens as they hunt for the treasure of “El Dorado,” but there are no big events until the season finale.

During season three, the relationships are stirred up, and viewers say this was a way to fill in a time when they had no other ideas of what to do, usually toward the middle of the season. “The show was very action-packed and always left with a mystery and cliffhanger,” freshman Blake Graham said.

While many fans love this show, this season gave some mixed feelings. The middle of the show was pretty empty, giving it no solid storyline, which is why they had to add random relationship problems and unexpected stories. As a mystery show, there is not much mystery; it’s more of just overall problems and solutions until the end when the most drama happens, and the season finale brings a big mystery that won’t be solved until the next season. This leaves some fans wondering what the point of this season was. “My favorite season was season one because it had the best plot, but season two and season three are good as well,” freshman Siena Mccarthy said.

At the end of season three, there is yet another cliffhanger, leaving fans with the promises of another season as the co-creators Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke said in a press release, “The Pogues are enjoying an adventure of a lifetime, And now we get to map out more twists and turns as the joyride continues into Season Four of Outer Banks.”