Give some claps for naps: best places to snooze at school


Tracy Yu

There are few things I am more passionate about than naps, and it is weird to think that a pastime I love so fervently is really, in fact, just the act of making a conscious effort to be unconscious for a time shorter than three hours (yes, two-hour-naps are a thing).
Because I hold this topic near and dear to my heart, I consider myself something of a nap connoisseur and take pride in knowing the best locations to nap in the school.
1. The newspaper couch: Although room 242 has the irritating quality of always being hellishly warm, the couch by the window overlooking the turf field is its one redeeming quality. The couch is a staple of newspaper, and I’d go so far as to say that it might even be the Common Sense mascot. I’ve spent many a deadline day contemplating my life on this couch, asking myself, “why am I still at school at 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon?” After this contemplation, I typically quickly close my eyes until someone yells that they need help and I am reluctantly pulled away from the germ-infested couch again.
2. Buckingham’s couch: First, let me start out by giving social studies teacher Amy Buckingham a shoutout. You’re great and I love you and thank you for always prioritizing mental health over homework and project deadlines. A good example of this was when I was not feeling well and instead of forcing me to do work, you allowed me to sleep on the couch to rest and recuperate. Anyway, this black, leather couch kind of saved my life junior year and was always there for me during my sixth period AP Psychology class. All hail Buckingham’s black, leather couch, the real Second Coming.
3. The Car: Yeah, yeah, sorry freshmen and sophomores. I know this isn’t really an option for you, but it ranks third regardless. While sleeping in the car isn’t ideal, the pros include temperature adjustment, seat adjustment, music and seclusion. If you’re smart and keep a sweatshirt (i.e. pillow) and blanket in your car, your comfort will be majorly enhanced.
4. The Turf: There are really only, like, four months out of the school year that sleeping on the turf is plausible, but the cushion of rubber and artificial grass, warmed by the sun to a pleasant temperature, is a good option. Just make sure to avoid wet areas or gum or stray Band-Aids lying around, because ew.
5. The Nurse’s Office: I’m not proud of this, but at the time, I wasn’t above telling falsehoods to get 45 more minutes of sleep. If it’s any consolation, karma got me back for saying that I felt ill in order to nap in the nurse’s office– I got sick soon after lying, probably from sleeping in the nurse’s office actually, which can be germy. Go figure.
I hope this list helps you all to live the dream. No, literally, I hope it helps you to go sleep and have an actual dream.

Julia Gastwirth

Managing Editor