Snow day provides opportunities: sleeping, studying, playing


Jordan Rubin, Managing Editor

For most students, a snow day is about getting off school and having a break in our everyday routines. However, a snow day can also provide opportunities to try something new or get something done.

According to, snow days are good for students’ health. They allow students to sleep in and go outside in the snow, which is exercise and fun. “It was nice to be able to sleep in until 10 a.m. instead of waking up at 7 a.m. like I usually have to,” senior Bryan Lee said.

It is often hard for busy students to get a workout in during the week. A snow day is perfect for getting in a workout during the day whether taking a fast walk through the snow, doing an exercise video online or even trying to get to a gym if the roads are clear. Working out during a snow day enables students to spend more time exercising than they typically have when trying to squeeze it in before or after school.

Usually students are rushing out the door in the morning with little time to prepare and enjoy a good breakfast or even lunch. Students can take advantage of a snow day to try a new recipe and take some time to eat breakfast and lunch. It can be a great day to look up new recipes and make dinner for the entire family.

Having fun during the week is hard with school. A snow day is a great day to spend time with friends and family. Hanging out, watching a movie or going sledding are ways to enjoy the day that otherwise would be spent in classes and doing after school activities and homework.

A snow day doesn’t necessarily mean no school work. Often teachers will post assignments online that still need to be done. Students can use the unexpected day to catch up on work or get ahead of assignments. For those taking the ACT and SAT, an extra day can be used to prepare for the exam. “In AP Chem, there was a test the day after a snow day, so my teacher made a test review that we could do on our day off,” junior Rachel Sun said.

A snow day is not just a day off to do things for students. Teachers get a day off too. They can use the time to prepare lessons and grade papers or just like students get other things done.“On one of the snow days I graded papers, went to a boxing class and got an acai bowl for lunch from a place called South Block,” math teacher Maddie Averill said.