All I want for Christmas: To wait till Christmas

Brian Gastwirth

Premature holiday decorations have long been one of America’s hot topic debates. Lots of people believe that November is the right time to start putting up Christmas decorations and making their houses look pretty. For those people I have one thing to say- there’s still another holiday after Halloween.
Some people want to get such a head start on celebrating the winter holidays that they often forget the joyous holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday of every November.
Thanksgiving is a joyous holiday that brings families together for one day a year. It is a time where everyone can get together and forget their problems, a time where everyone has a chance to give thanks, be happy and most importantly, eat as much as possible. Skipping over such a holiday is a travesty.
Celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t mean all decorations have to stop. Neighborhoods could be filled with different turkey and fall themed colors and still look as beautiful as Christmas decorations.
Just imagine a neighborhood that has houses with red, orange and yellow lights hanging on them, with one giant inflatable turkey sitting on the front lawn.
There is also a long, two-month period between Halloween and Christmas. Although it might be nice to think that the winter holidays are just two months away, two months can be a long time to wait.
People need a day where they can just sit back and relax during this wait, and Thanksgiving provides that opportunity.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas decorations just as much as the next guy. They’re what makes the holiday season the holiday season. But to start putting these decorations up before Thanksgiving is absurd.
Decorations should be halted until the day after Thanksgiving, and then from that day on we can enjoy all of the wonderful holiday decorations.
People need to know that it is unacceptable to start displaying Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. These people are starting a national crisis and need to help be part of the solution, not the problem.
If this epidemic is not stopped soon, then we could start seeing Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.
P.S- take your decorations down by New Year’s Day, please.


Geoff Pisarra

News Editor