Dive into spring with these books


Photo by Emma Karcz

Sophomore Kian Hamidzadeh sits outside reading ‘”Rule of Wolves” by Leigh Bardugo on Apr. 25.

The transition from March to April brings people outside to soak up the spring sun. Springtime relieves people of the dreaded winter months and allows them to spend time doing activities they normally love doing inside, outside. Reading is one of these beloved activities. “Beach Read” by Emily Henry is an adult romance novel about two polar opposite authors, January and Gus, who coincidentally live in neighboring beach houses. To get out of a writing slump they make a bet to see who can write the other’s preferred genre better. You follow them throughout the summer as they hang out and go on field trips to help each other understand the genre they’re writing, while unexpectedly falling in love in the process. “Beach Read” is fun, sweet and not your typical romance. Henry brings these characters to life in a way no one else can.

“Better Than The Movies” by Lynn Painter is a story about Liz, a high school girl trying to live out her rom-com fantasies, when her childhood crush Michael moves back to town. She recruits her obnoxious neighbor Wes to help her win Micheal over and get a date to prom. While scheming with Wes, Liz realizes she actually enjoys spending time with him and has to rethink everything she thought she knew about love. “Better Than The Movies” displays young love and the many challenges of high school. Teen girls everywhere can relate to this funny and unexpected love story.

“Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman is a graphic novel about two young boys meeting, falling in love, and the struggles that come after. Nick and Charlie meet when they are seated next to each other in class. Charlie is shy while Nick is outgoing but they become friends nonetheless. As their friendship grows, so does Charlie’s seemingly one-sided crush on Nick. hey both come to realize that maybe Charlie’s crush isn’t as one-sided as he thought. “Heartstopper” is a story about discovery, friendship and how surprisingly delightful love can be with adorable images that tie the story together beautifully.

“Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune follows Persephone returning to her old lake house after receiving some bad news from old friends. Told in two timelines, you see Persephone and her best friend Sam falling in love as teenagers and then as adults who haven’t spoken in 16 years. The mystery of their falling out makes this book addictive. A beautiful story about young love and second chances, “Every Summer After” is perfect for spring.

“Once Upon A Broken Heart” by Stephanie Garber is a magical story about Evangeline Fox, a girl who makes a deal with the Prince of Hearts to stop her sister from marrying the love of her life. Making deals with fate comes with consequences and Evangeline is now indebted and has to follow whatever schemes the Prince of Hearts has up his sleeve. “Once Upon A Broken Heart” is a story of magic, happily ever afters and exquisite tragedies.