Shocking, different fourth season of You drops on Netflix


Screenshot by Vivian Pisani

Seasons one through four of “You” are available on Netflix and are #2 in TV Shows Today after the season 4 release.

The fourth season of “You,” a Netflix show about an obsessive homicidal man based on books by bestselling author Caroline Kepnes, came out on Feb. 9 with the first five episodes of the season. The second part, with the last five episodes, came out a month later on Mar. 9.

This season was highly anticipated, as the last season ended on a cliffhanger with Joe, the main character played by Penn Badgely, killing his wife and leaving his son to go to Paris to start a new life, while also following, but more stalking, a girl who he had an obsessive crush on named Marienne, played by Tati Gabrielle.

In the first episode however, the setting took place in London, not Paris, due to practical and budgetary reasons, and this season was a lot different than the past ones. Previously, the main plot line focused on Joe obsessively stalking a girl who he had ended up killing, or severely creeping out. While this season had aspects of that, the first part of the drop focused on an “Eat the Rich” killer, who mysteriously killed famous and rich members of London’s elite, who Joe becomes friends with. This includes Kate, a new woman who Joe has his eye on, played by Charlotte Ritchie.

While one may think Joe (now Jonathon with his identity change) might’ve killed them, the first part of the season leads us to believe that he is innocent and trying to better himself and become a good person, as Jonathon himself was trying to solve these murders throughout the entirety of the first part.

The second part of the season however, reveals a twist in what really happened with several murders shown. Fans could see this twist coming, as there were hints and plot holes in the first part that were easy to pick apart, inciting a mixture of annoyance at the obviousness, and excitement at the possibility of them being right.

Ultimately, the main theories that came out of the first part of the season were correct, and made the second part of the fourth season more like previous seasons in its gruesomeness, insanity, surprises with women and with the general murderous storylines.

The ending wasn’t expected by viewers though. There was another shocking twist that had Jonathon, Kate, and Marienne in unforeseen positions, making the possibilities endless and unknown for the next season.

Also a pleasant surprise was special guest appearances from Elizabeth Lail and Victoria Pedretti, who played Beck, Joe’s dead ex-girlfriend, and Love, Joe’s dead wife in earlier seasons.

There hasn’t yet been confirmation for a season five of “You”, but with its popularity on Netflix’s Top 10 TV shows, its lovable actors, and unhinged plots, it would be shocking to see it not be renewed.

This show satisfied viewers in its release and although the beginning was different than usual, the drama and gore revealed itself eventually, giving way for a disturbingly killer season that had viewers on the edge of their seats.