Emily in Paris stirs up drama


Screenshot courtesy Vivian Pisani

Emily in Paris’ final episode on Netflix includes a shocking twist.

Love! Drama! ! Fashion! Paris! The third season of the popular Netflix original series, Emily in Paris, released on Dec. 21, broke at number one on Netflix’s top 10 charts.

Viewers love but hate this show at the same time. Its carefree vibe, the chic French setting, and cheery aura are what draws viewers in. They like to experience Parisian life with all of its perks. However, the script and plot aren’t exactly Shakespearean. Cringy lines here and there and a somewhat predictable plot ruffles feathers, but these negatives are ultimately overpowered.

Emily Cooper is a marketing and social media advertising agent from Chicago who moved to work at a top marketing agency in Paris called Savoir. They take on accounts for high end brands including fashion designers, elegant restaurants, high end wine companies, and luxury jewelers. Work drama, disasters, and successes are a large part of the show.

Also prominent in the show is Emily’s love triangle: Gabriel vs Alfie. The former is her neighbor and someone she works for. These two had a budding romance until one of Emily’s new friends, Camille, revealed she was already in a relationship with him in season one. This ended their relationship, but there were teases in seasons two and now three. The latter is a British banker whom Emily met at French class when Emily was sure she had gotten over Gabriel. Their relationship is a strong one and perfect on paper.

In season three, this triangle has its hurdles, with a fashionably shocking finale altering Emily and Alfie’s relationship, Emily and Gabriel’s relationship, and Gabriel and his girlfriends’ relationship.

This season is one of the best: There seems to be more direction, the main cast of characters are all developing positively on their own and for others. However, the ending is a bit of a shock, and not a good one in my opinion.

To add context: Gabriel and his girlfriend Camille are getting married. However, before this event, Gabriel drunkenly tells Emily he still loves her. Emily and Alfie attend the wedding, but Camille says she can’t marry Gabriel because he is still in love with Emily and she just wanted him to beat her out. Alfie breaks up with Emily because of this.

This all unravels in front of everybody, and Gabriel and Emily go to talk somewhere. It turns out Camille is pregnant with Gabriel’s baby. I didn’t like this. In almost every rom-com and feel good show like this, the audience likes to believe that the main couple will end up together no matter what. I thought this too, but now this seems like a lose-lose to everybody in the situation and, unless something unknown comes to light, I don’t see a way the plot can get out of this hole. Furthermore, the untroubled spirit of this show that is what makes it so lovable gets broken.

Maybe this is a good thing though. The cliffhanger makes me want to watch more and I am excited to see what’s to come. Whatever happens in the fourth season, I’m sure it will be a surprise.