Suzanne Hosking doesn’t just teach math; she forges impactful relationships


Math teacher Suzanne Hosking helps a student with algebra 2 problems during advisory.

Noah Friedman, staff writer

The bulletin board covered in drawings and pictures given to her by students tells you all you need to know about math teacher Suzanne Hosking. 

The wall has pictures of her with students, baby pictures of students, colorful drawings and letters from past students. It’s clear that she has created a learning environment that allows students to thrive and feel at home. 

Hosking is known for her bubbly personality, friendly smile and superb teaching ability. Her students are engaged in the lesson thanks to her commitment to their learning. Hosking said, “I really try to break things down into steps so students understand what we are learning.”

Zach Haledjian is a senior who had Hosking as his math teacher in the past. “I think she prides herself in leaving no students behind and making sure everyone feels comfortable with the lesson,” Haledjian said. 

Hosking’s understanding of students’ learning needs can be attributed to her eight years of tutoring pre-calc, algebra two and SAT/ACT prep. Hosking said, “I really love working one on one and seeing the light bulb go off when students understand something they hadn’t before.”

Another important element of Hosking’s teaching style is her focus on understanding who students are as people. “I make an effort to get to know my students,” Hosking said. 

This goes a long way in creating the reputation that she has with students. Haledjian said, “Some of the moments I enjoyed most from that class were the two or three minutes before class when I would talk to Mrs. Hosking about something other than math.”

Teaching has been Hosking’s passion since the third grade when she set her mind on being a math teacher. “It was always math. I was a terrible English student and I still am a terrible writer,” Hosking said. 

Before she began teaching here she worked at Potomac Ridge. She has been here ever since because of her love for the school. Hosking said, “I was just lucky enough to end up here.”

Students, location and administration are among the reasons why Hosking loves teaching here. Learning is important to students and they understand that hard work will lead them to success. Sophomore Charlie Balian said, “I think the work ethic that students have at Wootton is unlike a lot of other schools.”

What makes Hosking so great for the school is her ability to educate students without making them uncomfortable. Hosking said, “I love math and I love interacting with students.”

It’s not all perfect for Hosking. “Easily my least favorite part about teaching is all the paperwork,” Hosking said. 

Hosking has been known for consistently bringing a smile and positive attitude to class each and every day. “She was always smiling and definitely very enthusiastic about math,” Balian said. 

What makes Hosking such a great teacher cannot be simplified to a few words or even an article. However, someone could try. Hosking said, “If I had to describe myself I would say ‘tall’.”