Rae’s Anatomy: Boom, it’s Thanksgiving


Photo illustration by Rae Weinstein

Junior Rae Weinstein takes a break from surgery to have a hospital Thanksgiving celebration with the gang.

Hello, Grey’s Anatomy fanatics, welcome back. Since last time I have watched both the Thanksgiving episode and the Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 crossover.

I didn’t watch the Station 19 part of the crossover, which was aired before the Grey’s part, but I was still able to understand what was going on, which shows how well ABC has done with this universe. As a result of the characters crossing over so much, especially with the Grey’s episodes focusing so much on Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren, it isn’t completely necessary to watch the Station 19 parts if you don’t want to. I haven’t because Grey’s is already a commitment to watch, and watching Station 19 would be another one.

The episode begins with Teddy and Owen working together on their army burn pit study with two other veterans. All of a sudden there is a loud explosion, which in a room full of vets is not good, as they immediatly think it’s a bomb. Fortunately, it is later revealed that a construction worker nicked a gas line causing it to explode. The hospital goes into situation mode, expecting loads of injured civilians and fire fighters.

This of course has Bailey in a state of panic, causing her to call Ben every five minutes. She goes out to the ambulance bay to see a firefighter, Vic Hughes, get pulled out of an ambulance barely conscious. Then, while helping at the site of the explosion, a power line breaks and electrocutes her. 

Ben and another firefighter get out of the second ambulance and Bailey is visibly relieved. That is until she sees the look on her husband’s face and realizes the third ambulance doesn’t have sirens on. Their friend Dean Miller died while dealing with the gas line after a second explosion.

To make things even worse, he had been the single father of a little girl named Pru, who is now left an orphan. Bailey later finds out Ben promised Dean if anything ever happened to him, he and Bailey would take care of Pru.

This causes a fight between Bailey and Ben. At the time, Bailey claims she is upset because she was never consulted about the decision, but later on the real reason is revealed. She desperately wanted to have a daughter, but she was afraid that Pru’s grandparents would come and try to take her. Bailey didn’t want to lose another child, as she had a miscarrige a couple seasons back. So as soon as she sees Pru, she is overcome with emotion and agrees to take her.

Vic, who is fresh out of surgery, finds out Dean, who had been pining over her for years, was dead and she was overcome with emotion. She wasn’t the only one though, as firefighters, doctors, viewers alike were upset by his death. Another beautifully written, but sad episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

The Thanksgiving episode was just as crazy. Could it be all happy, with everyone getting along sitting around a table? No, absolutely not. Meredith’s flight home to Seattle from Minnesota gets cancelled because of a snow storm, leaving her stranded. Maggie is still away, so Amelia, the only sister from the sister house, is left in charge of Thanksgiving for the kids.

Link goes over to the house with Scout, their son, but ends up staying longer than expected to help Amelia after realizing what a mess she is in. They attempt to cook a feast, but the turkeys aren’t cooked and they end up eating frozen pizza bites and mac and cheese.

Meredith ends up spending time with her new guy, Dr. Nick Marsh, so I guess she didn’t have that bad of a Thanksgiving after all. Although upon finding out she was missing the holiday with her kids, she did get quite upset and went as far as comparing herself to her always absent mother, the late Dr. Ellis Grey. 

Over at the hospital, Owen, who is supposed to be with his mother and his kids helping make dinner, stalls by staying at the hospital with Teddy, his sister Megan and nephew Farouk, who is in the hospital recovering from major heart surgery. When told to leave, he finds a veteran he was helping is once again in the hospital in worse condition than before. The man’s wife asks him to look after their son for a while so they go to the game room and play video games. 

In the end the family goes home, quite emotional, knowing that the man didn’t have much time left to live, which also deeply affects Owen. 

I enjoyed watching these two episodes and only six episodes into this season, I am already liking this season way more than the previous one.