Rae’s Anatomy: It’s all about the Webber Method


Photo by Rae Weinstein

Junior Rae Weinstein’s surgical training has progressed, she can now assist in the OR.

Welcome back folks, we’ve been missing Grey’s Anatomy for a couple of weeks so before the newest crossover event I’m going to give everyone a quick recap.

There are two main plot points of this episode. One is the dynamic between Amelia Shepherd and Addison Montgomery while dealing with a revolutionary patient. The other is Richard Webber, Meredith Grey and Miranda Bailey teaching the residents. Webber has this marvelous idea (not my sarcasm) to let the residents each perform a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy a.k.a lap chole – which is a procedure to remove the gallbladder – as the lead surgeon in the OR. This meant no attendings unless something goes wrong. 

But obviously, something does go wrong because this is Grey’s Anatomy and nothing ever seems to go smoothly. While Levi Schmitt, normally the underdog, does great in the OR, and even gets to do another surgery, his friend Taryn Helm wasn’t so successful. She ends up nicking an artery, but luckily calls Bailey in time to fix it, and the patient ends up being fine. So even though this mishap ended up turning out fine, it reminded me not to get surgery in a teaching hospital, as I like my surgeons fully trained thank you very much.

Although crazy, Webber had a method to his madness. This season takes place in a post pandemic world, but as a result of so much time lost, the residents are behind when it comes to surgical training. Therefore Webber decides to throw the residents right into the thick of everything so they can truly learn. He calls this the Webber Method. Grey was extremely into the idea, but Bailey was less than enthusiastic saying they couldn’t just hand patients over to “children with scalpels.”

She does eventually get on board though and saves Helm from harming her patient. Afterward, Helm is a wreck, so she and Bailey have a heart to heart, which results in a happy ending for this group of people.

While all of this is happening Montogmery tries to figure out what is wrong with her revolutionary patient, Tovah. Tovah received a uterine transplant, which hasn’t been done before. This is part of Montogermy’s clinical trial and Tovah has so far been successful. The surgery goes according to plan, but in recovery she begins uncontrollably seizing and Montogermy can’t figure out why. So, she enlists the help of her former sister-in-law, friend and chief of neurosurgery, Dr. Shepherd. 

They perform an interesting balancing act between being friends, with Montogmery questioning Shepherd’s refusal to marry the father of her child Atticus “Link” Lincoln and trying desperately to save Montogmery’s extremely important patient.

Ultimately, Montgomery has to leave Seattle to go back to her family in LA, so Amelia says that everyone in the hospital should take good care of Tovah, even when she isn’t in Seattle. Sadly, this is the last we are going to see of Addison Montgomery and she will definitely be missed.

All in all, this was a great episode and the trailer for the crossover looks insane. I cannot wait to watch.