Rae’s Anatomy: It’s a beautiful day to watch Grey’s

After watching 17 seasons of Greys Anatomy, junior Rae Weinstein is ready to take the medical field by storm.

Image by Rae Weinstein

After watching 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, junior Rae Weinstein is ready to take the medical field by storm.

It’s a beautiful day for some Grey’s Anatomy.  After what felt like forever, Grey’s Anatomy is finally back. Last season was full of drama, surgeries and Covid-19, but I think this season is going to be even better. Although last season may be hard to top with the beach returns of Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey and everyone’s favorite Derek Shepherd, this season will be back to normal in a world free of Covid-19, which is something we all need.

The first episode definitely could have been better. Amelia Shepherd and Atticus “Link” Lincoln are fighting the entire episode because Shepherd turns down Link’s proposal. She seems to have something against being married, which we have yet to figure out. Jo Wilson is a mess, and Miranda Bailey can’t find replacements for all the surgeons they keep losing. When she finally finds a good surgeon, Bailey gets told the residents aren’t at the level they need to be, which leads to a residents’ Olympics in the next episode.

The first two episodes have Meredith Grey in Minnesota visiting a library being dedicated to her mother, when she is offered a fully-funded lab for herself to cure Parkinson’s Disease. She needs a neurosurgeon, so she brings out Amelia to help her decide if she should take the job. In the end, she says yes but she won’t move to Minnesota full time.

The promos for the new season kept repeating that someone from Grey’s past would be returning and they made it seem like a really big deal. It turned out to be Dr. Nick Marsh, a transplant surgeon she flirted with in season four. I honestly was hoping it would be someone better. When he appeared I recognized him, but couldn’t figure out who he was as he wasn’t all that important and was only in one episode. But, it looks like he is here to stay, at least for now.

Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt finally get married after their on-and-off nonsense that has been going on for seasons at this point. But of course, the showrunners can’t let one moment not get ruined, so naturally, a couple on a tandem bike runs over Hunt and Altman’s priest. But in the end, Hunt’s sister Megan, who has returned for the first time since season 14, marries the couple in the beloved Joe’s Bar. Unfortunately, the priest didn’t get such a happy ending.

Maggie Pierce and Winston Ndugu are back from their honeymoon and seem to be doing great. Let us all pray that it stays that way and the writers don’t ruin yet another couple.

 Jo Wilson is officially an OB resident, which is honestly not my favorite thing. She was so passionate and good at surgery. Obviously, the pandemic affected the show much like how it has in real life, but I wish she went into neonatal surgery like Addison Montgomery where she would still be using her surgical skills. 

Speaking of Montgomery, she will be back in the next episode and I could not be more excited. I absolutely love her character, as she is just such a powerful person. The promo for episode three has her in it and it looks great.

I get the feeling that this will be the last season of Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, there is still drama and lots of loose ends, and yes this is only the beginning of the season, but it feels so final. I mean having Grey work at her own lab and not at Grey Sloan just makes it seem like the show is coming to an end.

But who knows, all we can do is wait and see.