At home April Fool’s Day pranks


Photo by Ryan Kunst

Sophomore Ryan Kunst prepares to do the “Brown-E” prank to his family this April Fools’ Day.

Because celebrating April Fool’s day in school won’t be possible this year, here is a fun list of alternative ways that you can celebrate with your family at home.


  1. Texting shortcuts. Make a text replacement on a family member’s phone for when they are texting. For example, every time they type the word “hi” the lyrics to a Hannah Montana song will be replaced with it.
  2. Minty Oreos. Put out a plate or pack of Oreos for your family, but secretly replace all of the cream filling with toothpaste.
  3. Noisy Carpet. Put a piece of bubble wrap under a carpet. When your family walks on the carpet, they will have no idea what is going on.
  4. Googly-eyed kitchen. The night before April Fool’s Day open your fridge and glue googly eyes to all of your food – everyone will be very confused.
  5. Jellybeans in an ice dispenser. Pick out your favorite jelly bean flavor (or the worst) and put it in your fridge’s ice dispenser. When your family goes to put ice in their water jelly beans will come with it too.
  6. Minty cake. Similar to the Oreos prank, bake a cake and instead of putting cake filling, add toothpaste.
  7. Mayonnaise eater. Empty out a tube of mayonnaise, and fill it with vanilla pudding. When you are with your family start eating the whole tub. They will be confused how you are eating so much mayonnaise.
  8. Broken remote. Cover the blinking sensor on the back of your remote with a piece of tape. Your family will be sure to waste 15 minutes wondering why the channel won’t change or the volume won’t go up.
  9. Surprise party popper. Attach a party popper handle from a convenience store to a door handle. When your family enters a room they will be shocked by the confetti falling on them.
  10. Upside down glass. Fill up a glass of water and put a card on top to seal the air. Quickly flip the cup over onto a counter and slip out the card. Your family will be confused when trying to remove the cup from the counter without making a big spill.
  11. Undrinkable lemonade. Buy a pack of lemon-flavored jello and refrigerate overnight in a glass cup with a straw. The next day serve it to your family and watch the looks on their faces as they attempt to drink it.
  12. Unfamiliar people. Switch out all the frames in your houses with pictures of random people. Watch and see how long it takes for your family to notice that the pictures have been swapped.
  13. Brown-E’s. Tell your family that you are making them brownies. Get brown construction paper and cut out the letter E. About an hour later give them these “brownies,” which are really “brown E’s.”
  14. Mouse Prank. Similar to the remote prank, take a piece of paper and tape and cover the sensor at the bottom of a mouse. Watch as your family members struggle to log into their computers.