MLB The Show 21, new to Xbox


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

MLB The Show has been active since 2006 and is finally coming to Xbox to have a more diverse audience of gamers.

MLB The Show has been a big reason why gamers tend to switch from Xbox to Playstation, as Sony owns the game and would not let it be made on Xbox. However, it will now be available on Xbox, giving Xbox players more games to choose from. 

The release date for MLB The Show 21 for Xbox is supposed to be Apr. 20.. The beta for the game is currently out, but users had to preorder it and it does not have full features of the game. 

I am stoked about the game coming to Xbox, as I am a frequent Xbox player who has played the game on the Playstation and I can say it is one of the best sports games I have ever played. This series has been active since 2006. The game is coming out on the next-gen console.

This addition is great for gamers around the world. Playstation player and junior Jake Lotenberg said, “As a frequent Playstation player that has enjoyed the game for years, I am glad that my friends on Xbox can finally enjoy the game that has been such a big part of my life. This is a massive addition for Xbox and I am happy for my buddies who have wanted this their whole life.”

I have been playing this my whole life and I am thrilled that I can play on both Xbox and Playstation now.

— Mick Shifflett

Xbox and Playstation player, junior Mick Shifflett, has been playing the game on Playstation for years, and has an Xbox, so now that he can play on both consoles he is excited. Shifflett said, “I have been playing this my whole life and I am thrilled that I can play on both Xbox and Playstation now. This is great for the gaming community  because now that the show is added, that eliminates a reason for others to choose one over the other, or if people want both because Playstation has the show, that is no longer needed.”

The game is one of the most all-around developed games in the market. It has options such as franchise mode, home run derby, exhibition, myplayer and more. Those are some of the reasons why people love the game so much, but also the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is very realistic, which is what gamers are looking for in a quality game.

This addition has been long overdue and now that the wait is finally over, Xbox players can finally have a good baseball video game. This is big news for gamers and baseball lovers who know how good the game is. We are all extremely excited for it to come out and once the wait is finally over, I expect the majority of Xbox gamers to buy the game and it will be very popular.