Latest films, series on Netflix worth watching

The year 2020 left individuals with a lot of free time; one might say it was a perfect time to search for new hobbies. For some, this might’ve included training for a marathon or learning how to do a back handspring on the neighbor’s trampoline. For others, this meant streaming all of the new series that aired on Netflix. Series including Firefly Lane, Ginny & Georgia and Tribes of Europa are just a few of the productions that have aired on Netflix thus far. Sit back, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the shows… and movies. 

Drama series, Firefly Lane, was released on Netflix on Feb 3. Featuring Katherine Heigl, who plays Tully, and Sarah Chalke, who plays the role of Kate, Firefly Lane is a show about two girls and their decades-long friendship. The audience gets to see the ups and downs that the characters endured throughout their high school years, their time in college, and life as adults. Sentimental and nostalgic, Firefly Lane has taken over and is on its way to a potential second season. 

Similar to Firefly Lane, Ginny and Georgia focuses on the relationship of two female protagonists. However, rather than a storyline of two best friends, Ginny and Georgia captures the story of a mom and daughter. Georgia, Ginny’s mother, is a single, independent woman who wants nothing more than to protect her children. Ginny just wants to create a life for herself in a new town without being known as Georgia’s daughter. It is a heartwarming series that is sure to leave the audience wanting more. 

Calling all science fiction lovers. Tribes of Europa is a sci-fi series that came out on Feb 19. Based in the year 2070, this series bears an enthralling plot of three siblings on a mission to reverse the damage in Europe which was brought on after a cryptic global disaster. “I am a huge fan of sci-fi shows. I was hearing a lot of good things about Tribes of Europa so I decided to watch it. So far, I really like it. I’m kind of bummed that there’s only one season as of now,” senior Minnyi U said. 

In search of a fun family movie? Netflix comedy, Yes Day, might solve that problem. Featuring actors such as Jenna Ortega, Jennifer Garner, Édgar Ramírez and Julian Lerner, Yes Day is about a mother and father who agree to say “yes” to their children for an entire day. “Ever since last March when Coronavirus struck, my family has a movie night at least once a week. We saw Yes Day on Netflix and decided to watch it; it was definitely family friendly. I thought it was super cute and hearty,” junior Sage Gardiner said.