Which movies, shows on Netflix should stay, go

As Netflix adds new shows and movies to their library, they remove others when their license agreements are over. The removal of certain movies and shows has been controversial across Netflix viewers. Viewers are not happy when their favorite show or movie gets removed. 

On Dec. 31, Netflix removed more than 40 titles from their streaming service. The teen drama Gossip Girl was removed, leaving Gossip Girl fans upset. Freshman Maya Halpern was sad to see it go. “I was sad when Gossip girl left Netflix and I think it’s annoying that shows keep leaving because they’re taking away the best shows,” Halpern said.

The Office also left Netflix at the end of 2020. Fans were mad this nine-season classic left and thought it should have stayed. Even though Variety ranked it second in The 50 top-ranked Netflix programs of 2020, it was still taken off from the streaming service.

The increase in subscription prices has made subscribers annoyed as well. An article from Syracuse said that “Netflix is increasing its popular, standard plan from $12.99 per month to $13.99 per month.”

… the fact that they are raising prices and taking away some of the most viewed shows on the site is really unfortunate.”

— Jenna Robinson

Senior Jenna Robinson is irritated with all the Netflix changes. “I think that although there are some good shows coming to Netflix, the fact that they are raising prices and taking away some of the most viewed shows on the site is really unfortunate,” Robinson said.

There also have been additions to the homepage. Netflix originals Tiny Pretty Things and Bridgerton have both been on Netflix’s top 10 in the U.S.. Junior Charlotte Christovich loved watching Tiny Pretty Things. “I thought Tiny Pretty Things was so good and I am glad that Netflix is adding new shows. But I also loved some of the shows that got taken off so it is annoying that they can’t keep everything,” Christovich said. 

Netflix should keep the most viewed shows on their site. They should get rid of movies and shows based on how many views each have, or if they have been on Netflix for a while.