Flaws in Netflix movie “Extraction”


Photo courtesy Netflix

Actor Chris Hemsworth stars in the Netflix movie Extraction

The movie “Extraction,” starring actor Chris Hemsworth, is nothing short of a waste of one hour and 57 minutes of my life. The number of flaws in this movie is nearly making me rethink my respect for Hemsworth as an actor.

After Hemsworth’s abysmal performance in “Men in Black International,” viewers may have thought it was a fluke performance. After so many years acting as Thor, one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe he just wasn’t fit to be MIB. Then, “Extraction” came out and viewers started to realize that maybe Hemsworth is not a versatile actor, but is only at his peak when he is the God of Thunder.

Another issue with “Extraction” is the plot. The topic of the movie is fine, just another cliche movie where a family needs help because their kid got kidnapped. But somehow the director, Sam Hargrave, couldn’t find a scenario where the movie is possible to follow along with. Whenever a scene is shown that pieces together the different storylines of the movie, the scene cuts to another scene, to another country, in another language “I’ve watched the movie with al lot of expectations but after watching it, I felt there are multiple gray areas in the story, many of which are incomprehensible,” Rotten Tomatoes audience reviewer Nitin Awlankar said.

One criticism from viewers is the lack of research done to make the setting seem real. Viewers from Bangladesh were let down and offended by the way the movie portrayed them.“Before making a movie in any country please do proper research on that country first,” Rotten Tomatoes audience reviewer Mohibullah Razu said.

Although there are an infinite number of criticisms I can make on this movie, the worst of all is the lack of dialog. When there is dialog it is split between three languages with subtitles only in half, and then for the other hour and a half of the movie it is pure action. As someone who appreciates a good action movie, I know that you can not put gunfire and stuntmen in for ¾ of the movie because then the plot is not understandable. “You can’t just record 1.5 hours of action and call it a movie,” Rotten Tomatoes audience reviewer Rohan Gupta said.