Seniors’ take on missed volleyball season chances


Photo by Jason Goode

Seniors put volleyball to the side as the high school season ends unfulfilled.

Senior athletes in normal years would find themselves in a difficult position trying to balance schoolwork, preparing for college and getting ready for games and practices. People playing team sports have a more difficult time balancing their activities because they have to make time commitments that line up with everyone else’s schedules. During COVID-19 volleyball players are having more free time, since their volleyball season has been moved online.

After last year’s spring season was cancelled before it had gotten underway, when school closed, there were online workouts for members to continue meeting. Although, while schools shut down their sports, club teams were still allowed to remain open to continue their volleyball seasons.

… if we return we might have a shortened season…”

— Matthew Hou

As this school year progresses senior Matthew Hou still holds out hope that there might be a chance the school volleyball season will be pushed back and take place when everything is safe again. Hopefully, “if we return we might have a shortened season,” Hou said.

Students plan for their final season to be their one last chance to hang out with their teammates, but this year the best they can do is meet on Zoom, unless they play club volleyball. One big loss to the players this season was missing being able to, “hang out with those I am familiar with, who have similar interests,” Hou said.

Another problem is for those with plans dealing with colleges, missing out on a year of recruitment or opportunities to show how good they have become. “I wanted to film a couple highlight reels, if we had a season this year, so I could possibly submit a senior profile to colleges,” Hou said.

On the other side, Itxaso Ezcurra Taiganides, while missing the season greatly, sees the loss of the volleyball season as an opportunity to try new things. Ezcurra Taiganides is glad that she has more time to explore other activities. The time not spent going to all the games and events allows her to spend time on new hobbies like, “sewing, upcycling, cooking and baking,” Ezcurra Taiganides said.

Hou has also been happy with additional time to work and stay occupied. At times when he feels like he cannot sit in front of a computer all day he, “goes outside for walks or runs to stay active,” Hou said.

The biggest loss in Ezcurra Taiganides’ mind, besides the inability to see her friends from volleyball and the lack of people’s opportunities to impress colleges, was the chance to win at states. Last season the team had gone to, “the quarter finals of states, and this year we were determined to go even further,” Ezcurra Taiganides said.

The All County Game, however, was another important milestone seniors would miss out on. A game where “the best seniors in the county get together and play,” is another milestone that, “I was looking forward to,” Ezcurra Taiganides said.

For people wanting to play volleyball and spend time their senior year with their teammates, “it is tough,” Hou said. “Our last season was the first one that started gaining popularity, so it’s sad to see it end the way it did,” Ezcurra Taiganides said.