Traditions to take part in during winter wonderland


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

A perfect example of a snow day in New York City: Watching the snow fall from the sky while everyone is managing staying warm.

You check the night before, throw a couple of ice cubes down your toilet, wear your pajamas inside out and backward and sleep on the other side of your bed hoping for a snow day. You wake up to check the news and see that your county was listed under the closed category. This feeling is an unreal experience for kids of all ages: Not only being able to skip a day of school, but also being able to play in the snow. Many traditions have arisen from the history of snow days.

I love the thrill and adventure of going down this hill and how fast we were able to go down it.”

— Connor Koch

First up is sledding. Sledding has become a fan favorite of snow days. Being able to find a large hill and taking a sled down for the thrill and rush of going fast brings a lot of joy to people. Senior Connor Koch went to the Frost hill to sled with his friends. This is a long and steep hill in the area; perfect for sledding. While he was at first a bit scared to take on this challenge, he went down and down again. “I love the thrill and adventure of going down this hill and how fast we were able to go down it,” Koch said.

Next, we have hot chocolate. When you hear that there is a snow day and you are sitting looking out at the falling snow, the best thing to have in your hands is a cup of hot chocolate. While you stare at the cold weather outside, you can sit inside and stay warm with a hot drink in your hand. The best hot chocolate is the Swiss Miss powder. You will have to get hot water or milk and add two tablespoons of the powder into your drink. Another thing that can make this drink even more flavorful is adding a scoop of ice cream.

Lastly, another snow day tradition is making s’mores. This delicious and gooey snack is perfect for any time of the day. All you need is two pieces of graham crackers, a marshmallow and a couple pieces of chocolate. You can make this in the microwave or over and open flame if you have one. This snack not only can remind you of warmer days to come, but it also is the perfect treat for after some outside activities to warm you up.

Winter reminds everyone of those special snow days. Not only does this (usually) mean a break from school for a little, but it also means that traditions arise that they can participate in. Hopefully we will be able to execute some of the traditions above soon.