MCPS gives hopes to spring athletes


Photo courtesy Brady Weiss

Junior Brady Weiss takes a swing in a summer game following the cancellation of the spring season due to COVID.

Spring athletes missed out on last year’s season due to the outbreak of COVID last March and did not know about whether they would get the chance to play this year until recently. MCPS has given athletes new hope as they have announced that this year’s spring season is tentatively scheduled to begin April 19 and go until June 19, following the fall season that has been moved to early spring. 

MCPS released a video that describes the new COVID protocol for how in-person sports seasons will operate. Students will check in with the school trainer to take their temperature and answer COVID-related questions before proceeding to practice. There will also be several safety measures in place to ensure distancing during sporting activities, while also limiting outdoor groups to 25 people and indoor groups to 10.

It is still undecided whether or not games will be played and if tryouts will occur. Based on the fall season, spring athletes will get a better idea of how the seasons will work, and MCPS will be making adjustments as needed based on local COVID-protocols. However, for these athletes, any sort of practice is something to look forward to.

The spring virtual season concluded in January and allowed athletes to engage with their coaches and teammates. This was an opportunity for players and coaches to bond and form chemistry prior to the season. 

Spring athletes have been preparing all year in hopes of having a season. Junior baseball shortstop Brady Weiss works on his craft everyday of the week to stay in tip-top shape. “I come in with the mindset of getting better each and every day,” Weiss said.

Despite last year’s cancellation, some players had the opportunity to play for their club teams over the summer and in the fall. “I was lucky to be able to play with my travel team and compete in tournaments,” Weiss said.

I was bummed about not having my basketball season, but I am just taking advantage of this extra time.

— Dason Miller

Junior Dason Miller is a member of both the baseball and basketball teams. Although his basketball season is cancelled, it hasn’t stopped him from preparing for baseball. He has adapted to his new circumstances, unable to go to a gym because of COVID.  “I was bummed about not having my basketball season, but I am just taking advantage of this extra time. I go to the field to hit, even when it is freezing. I also do lots of bodyweight workouts at home,” Miller said.