Jessica Winson balances huge load of activities, sports


Photo courtesy Jessica Winson

Jessica Winson warms up for her JV soccer game as a freshman.

Sophomore Jessica Winson does it all: From playing multiple sports, being in student government (SGA) and involved in various clubs, to being in a Jewish youth group called BBYO and also managing to spend time with family and friends. 

She believes the trick to time management is to choose what your priorities are and do them first, then frame that around the other activities. Winson has her own specific strategy to balance her time with these different activities. She said, “School takes priority so I do my school stuff as soon as possible and then I frame my other activities around that.” 

Winson explains the difficulty of taking on different activities. “I am doing what I can but it can be overwhelming at times and hard to remember when everything is,” Winson said. 

During Covid-19 it has been difficult to attend activities since now they are all online. “It is definitely harder now because everything is online and you can’t be in person and have direct contact with people,“ Winson said.

Ever since Winson was little she knew she wanted to play soccer and lacrosse. She has played soccer since she was seven and lacrosse since she was 13. She made JV soccer and varsity lacrosse as a freshman.  Winson said, “I have played outside of school for a while and just wanted to continue doing it in high school.”

Winson has been involved in SGA since she was in middle school and is still involved. Winson said, “We do a lot of planning for spirit week and help with town hall meetings and in person we would usually plan prep rallys but since we are virtual we try to get people involved.” 

In addition, Winson is involved in a youth group of Jewish teens called BBYO. In the past, Winson served as a treasurer. She also was head of social media. Winson said, “We have different events every week and I love being able to meet new people.”