Freshman class president juggles grades, clubs, social life


Photo courtesy Kelly Ren

Freshman Kelly Ren

Freshman Kelly Ren has always been a leader. Over quarantine she won a statewide speech competition. She also was an SGA member throughout middle and elementary school. When she got to high school she knew she wanted to run for class president “I’ve always enjoyed being in a leadership position, so I knew running for class president could be a good fit,” Ren said. 

After successfully winning the election, she’s been juggling the challenges and responsibilities that come with this new role. Ren has been working with the other class officers to keep their grade connected and spirited during this time. They have been working to find alternatives to the usual in-person school events. “The biggest challenge this year is finding ways to keep our school connected; one of my major goals this year was to help our class bond,” Ren said.

The freshman class officers keep the grade updated through their class of 2024 Instagram page. They advertise their class of 2024 merchandise and have been working to raise money for future events on Instagram. “I’ve been working with Kelly to help plan things for our class, she’s a great leader and president,” Treasurer Irene Kim said. 

On top of being class president, Ren is also involved in various clubs and works to maintain her grades by keeping education a top priority. Ren was part of the virtual cross country season this fall and is a part of the Paper Bridges Club and Kindness for Cancer Club. “I’ve really gotten to know Kelly better this year and have seen the dedication she has to her education,” Kim said.

In addition to Ren’s involvement in school she also attends Chinese school every Sunday and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. “I do my best not to procrastinate to keep up with all of my responsibilities,” Ren said.

 Ren has managed to keep up a social life along with her responsibilities from school. Ren spends time with friends and takes care of her younger brother. “Family and friends will always be very important to me and I always make time for them,” Ren said. 

Ren’s taken initiative and been working every week with the vice president, secretary and treasurer on their weekly Zoom meetings. “I’ve made lasting friendships with the members of the 2024 planning committee and have been able to work on my goals for our grade,” Ren said.