Students have mixed feelings about changing class schedules for second semester


Photo courtesy Devon Graham

Junior Devon Graham works on his homework on Dec. 16 during lunch.

The school recently decided against the possible plan to keep the same schedules from first semester to second. This means that at the end of the first semester students will be receiving new schedules for second semester.

At the end of each semester the school gives students a completely new schedule, but due to online learning, the school was considering keeping students schedules the same throughout the year.

Online learning has forced schools to make a lot of changes and this is no exception. The school wanted to keep things simple by not changing students’ schedules but decided to go with the normal schedule changes because the change would be too difficult..

Some are happy with the reversed decision, some wish that the schedules would change, and some do not care what decision the school makes.

Getting a new schedule at the end of the semester was something that I always looked forward to.

— Devon Graham

Junior Devon Graham is happy about the reversed decision because he always looks forward to getting a new schedule. “Getting a new schedule at the end of the semester was something that I always looked forward to. It was just refreshing to get new teachers and friends in your classes every semester,” Graham said.

Other students wish that the school would have kept their original decision to keep schedules the same because they are so used to their current ones.

Junior Dylan Yoon wishes that the schedules could have stayed the same. “I liked how the school decided to keep the same schedules because I am used to my schedule right now and because I base my day around my school schedule. Because of how my schedule works right now there are specific times that I like to do things like homework and exercise,” Yoon said.

Most students are fine with whatever decision the school ends up making. Junior Sam Gross doesn’t think it will impact him that much. “In most of my classes I rarely get to talk with my friends because of how zoom works so I’m fine with how the school reversed its decision. I don’t think it will make that big of a difference,” Gross said.