Students express opinions on the idea of keeping the same teachers second semester


Photo by Helena Hong

According to Education Post, keeping the same teachers during this pandemic, led to stronger, more personalized relationships with teachers and ultimately led to “academic growth and character development.”

One of the biggest changes from middle school to high school is changing teachers, and maybe even classes, in the second semester. Students are able to meet new people in their classes, as well as new teachers, and experience different teaching methods. However, this year, the school was thinking about keeping the same teachers that we have in the first semester carry over to the second. Students have mixed emotions about this possible change.

Senior Sharon Oh believes this change is positive and can help strengthen the relationship between the student and teacher, through a virtual setting. “Having classes through Zoom, it’s hard to really get to know your teacher and other students. Some people don’t turn on cameras and don’t participate, which makes it really hard for not only teachers, but also students to create relationships with each other. I think having the same teacher would be beneficial, as we would create stronger connections, especially through this online environment, where it can sometimes feel disconnecting,” Oh said. 

Freshman Yassine Idrissa agrees with Oh, adding he would not mind having the same teachers second semester because he “likes all the teacher [he] has in all [his] classes.” 

…I wouldn’t mind having them again for another semester.

— Max Choi

Sophomore Max Choi would also not mind this change. “I’d be alright with keeping the same teachers second semester because I’m comfortable with the current teachers I have. Most of my teachers are really helpful, so I wouldn’t mind having them again for another semester,” Choi said. 

Similarly to Choi and Idrissa, who have created connections with their first semester teachers, senior Michael Gordon wishes to keep the teachers the same for the second semester as well, because he believes during this unpredictable time, it’s good to have some things unchanged. “I think having the same teachers in the second semester would be good for me because I have developed a routine and close connection with my teachers, and we are already at a time where change is difficult, so sticking to our first semester teachers would be beneficial,” Gordon said. 

Unlike these students, junior Annabelle Cho sees cons with keeping the same teachers. “I think it’s important that we form relationships with teachers like we did when we were in school, but there are a lot of factors that don’t really allow that, and keeping the same teachers does not guarantee this. I also think we should have the opportunity to experience different teacher’s teaching methods because sometimes, one teacher may influence how well someone learns, like teaching in a lecture style or teaching by going through many examples,” Cho said. 

Sophomore Kristina Chan feels that there can be both pros and cons to this idea but states that she does not mind if we do have the same teachers. “I’m the type of person who will just do whatever, so in this case, I’m not really on a particular side. I can see why Wootton decided to consider this, because some people like the consistency, especially during this time, but I can also see the other perspective of wanting to change teachers because students might want a change in teaching or just to meet new teachers,” Chan said. 

The school has just recently decided not to keep the teachers the same for the second semester despite many students supporting this idea as it allows students to create a stronger relationship with the teachers they have.