Covid friendly winter break suggestions


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Illuminated light displays at the Winter Lights Festival in Seneca Creek State Park.

With winter break in spitting distance, students search for low- risk activities during the COVID- 19 pandemic.

My friends and I are planning on going ice skating at the Rockville outdoor ice skating rink during winter break.

— Reza Abediyeh

Outdoor ice skating is a fun yet harmless experience over the break. The Rockville outdoor ice skating rink requires individuals to make a reservation, including the specific time and date, prior to one’s arrival. Reservations open two weeks in advance, granting individuals lots of time to think about when they would like to go. Due to the pandemic, the maximum number of people per reservation is two. “My friends and I are planning on going ice skating at the Rockville outdoor ice skating rink during winter break. It will be a good way for us all to be together while staying safe. Plus, it gets us out of the house,” junior Reza Abediyeh said.

Not the most experienced ice skater? The Winter Lights Festival in Seneca Creek State Park will surely satisfy one’s desire for a Covid- friendly experience. The festival includes a 3.5 mile drive past over 450 illuminated winter-themed displays. “Last week I went to the Winter Lights Festival with a couple of my friends. We took one car but still wore our masks to practice social distancing. After the lights, we got hot chocolate. It was a really good way to get into the winter spirit,” senior Sharon Oh said.

Considering it is difficult to partake in the usual winter break joy of travelling, spending time with friends, and visiting relatives, students will need to get creative. “I was supposed to go to Mexico for winter break 2020 but because of the coronavirus, our plans changed. So my family decided that on New Year’s Eve, we are going to throw a fiesta and decorate the house,” senior Skylar Rothman said.

Under the stressful factors that this year has embodied, students plan to kick back and relax from the comfort of their own homes. “Although online school allows me to sleep in and attend class while wearing my pajamas, it has been really stressful. It is much harder to focus as well as find the motivation to complete my assignments. With that being said, I plan on spending this winter break in full relaxation mode. Obviously I will still follow a schedule that includes working out and doing assignments but other than that, I will be on the couch watching movies with my family,” sophomore Nikhil Bakshi said.