Nationals win, students celebrate first World Series championship

Leah Starr, Profiles Editor

After beating the St. Louis Cardinals, the Washington Nationals qualified for their first appearance in the MLB World Series. On Oct. 30, they beat the Houston Astros in game seven to make this their first ever World Series championship.

Baseball has been an American tradition since it was created, and then gained popularity in the 19th century. Families tend to grow up watching baseball and some form traditions around the sport. This year, proud fans have gathered together at games, watch parties or simply at home to watch their team win it all.

Once the Nationals qualified for the World Series, fans were already ecstatic and filled with hope. “I was so happy to see the Nationals in their first ever World Series. I have been a Nats fan for my whole life and I am very proud that they have finally made it this far,” freshman Josh Erd said.

On Oct. 30, the Nationals were supported by the thousands of people who were hoping they would win. “The game seven watch party was so fun. There were so many fans there who were all connected through the Nats. I am so happy I went because it was such a great experience and I got to watch the Nats win surrounded by thousands of other Nats fans,” junior Kyler Hamlin said.

After their win, fans were filled with a sense of pride and hope that they haven’t felt for the Nationals before. Even though the World Series is over, the fans still have more to look forward to. On Nov 2, at 2 p.m., there was a parade for fans who wanted to celebrate the win in a more formal way.

The route for the parade started on Constitution Avenue NW at 15th Street NW, traveled east on Constitution Avenue NW and finished on Pennsylvania Avenue NW at 3rd Street NW. “I am definitely going to the Nats parade because this doesn’t happen often and I want to be involved in as much as I can. I also want to celebrate their amazing win,” sophomore Helena Hansen said.

The parade was televised and live-streamed, as there are expected to be 500,000 people there. “I am going to the Nats parade because I love the Nats so much and I want to support them every way I can,” junior Shannon Snape said.

The Nationals’ win brings them together with the band of winning D.C. sports teams. They are joined by the Washington Capitals and the Washington Mystics to make them the third winning D.C. in a 16-month span. “This whole experience has been so exciting because D.C. teams never win. I love that they are turning that around,” Erd said.