Student athletes relax at lunch with game of Spikeball

James Walsh, Staff Writer

The Spikeball Club had its third weekly meeting of the year on Oct. 18 at lunch, run by president and senior William Karis and members of the board. Members are spreading awareness of the sport, and their goal is to let students have fun during lunch and meet new people.

The Spikeball Club is for students of any grade to relax and have fun during lunch on Fridays and play with their friends. The meetings are held either on the turf or the field near the portables. The sponsor is PE teacher Paul Kirk, and the club is year around.

Karis has established a Facebook page for the club and spreads awareness throughout the social media profile. Besides that, he also runs the Club Expo stand. He spreads awareness there and at school as well.

This year is Karis’ first experience as president of the club but he has been in it since sophomore year., he decided to join the club because “my friends were in it, and it looked fun,” Karis said.

Different members of the club have different motives for why they decided to join the club. Junior Brian Garmer is an active member of the club and has been in it for about a year. He joined as a sophomore and said, “I decided to join the club because I had played spikeball a few times before and it was a lot of fun.”

Besides participating in this club, Garmer is a scholar and has other responsibilities such as school work and baseball, but he said that he always finds a way to make time for the club on Fridays at lunch, because to him it is a stress reliever and an excellent way to relax.

Garmer is passionate about the club and believes it is a great way to meet new people at the school. He said, “I would recommend this club to someone because it is a great way to go outside and have fun with your friends during the school day.”

Junior George Misovec has similar feelings toward being a member of the club. “It’s cool to meet people in the club, and hang out with my friends who are in it,” Misovec said.

Misovec recommends the club to anyone who wants to enjoy spending time with their friends. “It is a great way to go outside and have fun with your friends during the school day,” Misovic said.

According to Misovec, students don’t need to be skilled to excel at spikeball to be in the club. “You need to be decently athletic, but the most important skill is definitely hand-eye coordination,” Misovec said.
All students who are interested are invited to the club. “You have to be somewhat pretty athletic and have somewhat good hand-eye coordination, but at the same time, it’s mostly for fun,” Karis said.