Girls’ JV softball reflects on fun-filled season


Rob Carpenter, Sports Editor

Girls JV softball ended their season with a crushing defeat by Whitman 26-5 on Apr. 26. They couldn’t seem to get the bats going all game, but still managed to score five runs. Despite the loss, the Patriots finished the season with a solid 6-6 record.

Tech teacher Lindsay Roberts coached the JV team this year for the first time. “I really liked coach Roberts because she was nice and positive,” sophomore Ava Kach said.

The Patriots were led by sophomore captions Maya Pollack and Maddie Etman. “Our captains helped us stay focused and motivated throughout practices and games. They were strong leaders,” Kach said.

Etman is also a member of the Chromatics, a school choir group. “I manage my time between softball and my other activities. I predict how much time each task will take and I prioritize the more important work,” Etman said.

Players work both at practice and outside it in order to improve their skills. “In the off season during the fall, I play on a rec team. During the season, I go to the batting cages all the time and work as hard as I can to ensure success on the field,” Etman said.

Although the season didn’t end on the best note, it was successful and fun for all of the players. “I really enjoyed this season,” freshman outfielder Eva Yeghyan said.

The Patriots were not only a team, but also a family. “My teammates are really nice and easy to get close with,” Yeghyan said.

Sophomore catcher Hailey Mark was pulled up to the varsity team after a successful JV season. “I feel really honored to get the chance to play on varsity as a sophomore. It was really exciting to play on JV, but it is great that I get to continue my season on varsity,” Mark said.

Season highlights included a tight win over RM. “My favorite game was Apr. 4 at Richard Montgomery because it was competitive and we pulled through with a 16-15 victory,” Mark said.

For several players, it was their first year playing softball. “This was my first time playing softball. I was able to learn so much about the game and I have gotten much better since day one,” Yeghyan said.

The majority of the players plan to come back next year for another successful season. “I loved this season and I know next year will be even better, especially since I’ve gotten to know my teammates and we have become close friends.” Yeghyan said.