Band, orchestra make music magic at Walt Disney World parade

Elliot Wang, Staff Writer

Band and orchestra students went on a brief trip to Florida to perform at Walt Disney World from Apr. 11 to 16.

Each student who wished to go on the trip paid $833. “[That is] a pretty good deal, considering … a three-day park pass at Disney World is pretty expensive and all the food is included and a hotel and, of course, the buses,” music teacher Carolyn Herman said.

Upon their arrival the students were scheduled to visit Animal Kingdom in Disney World for the majority of the first day.

On Apr. 13, the students in the marching band performed at Disney World. “It’s nice to perform for people who are not just out family; we’re representing Rockville, and Wootton High School and it’s basically an international event. This is one of the busiest weeks of the year in Disney World and there will be huge audiences … and it’s a pretty exciting performance, and then doing the workshop is really educational for the students, and then it’s also a team-building activity; kids develop friendships with each other and it’s a special thing that you can’t do elsewhere; … it’s a thing kids should be able to do in high school,” Herman said.

After their performance, the students participated in a “workshop which was planned to be] a[n] educational experience where the kids are taught how to sight read and create … the soundtrack for a Disney movie,” Herman said.

On Apr. 14, the students visited Hollywood Studios for the majority of the day, then return to school on the buses.

Students said that they found the trip generally enjoyable. “It was good except for the bus ride because sleeping on the bus is very uncomfortable,” junior Jonathan Wang said, “Disney was probably not worth [the amount of money paid for each day], but … I’m glad I got to go with my friends.”

Other students shared different experiences with the trip. “I definitely think [the trip] was good. A lot of people were complaining that it was hot,” senior Emily Rolfes said.