Recent Snapchat update aggravates users, causes chaos


Oh Snapchat, what have you done. If you didn’t know, the new Snapchat update came out, which changed pretty much everything. Usually when an app gets updated, the new features that the update has makes it easier to use. The update has left students confused on why they decided to change the layout.

The update includes cramming everything onto one screen. Normally the stories and the individual snaps were on two separate screens, making it easy to navigate through the app. The new update though makes it more complicated to view snaps and look at stories as the buttons to view them are relatively small. People have lost numerous streaks because of this update, and in today’s society, losing a streak is basically a sin. “I lost one of my longest streak because of the update and my friend actually got mad at me for it,” senior Daniel Philipose said.

The thing that most frustrated me is that I did not even voluntarily updated the app Snapchat. I had already heard negative things about the update so I didn’t plan on doing it. One day I woke up and it apparently had automatically updated in my sleep. Speaking for everyone who this has happened to, it is annoying. “I am afraid to update the app because I like how it is now. Hopefully it doesn’t update automatically like it did with other people,” senior Justin Slud said.

In response to this update, people have sent emails to Snapchat asking them why they felt the need to change. “I sent an email the day I updated the app because of how badly they had messed up the app. Hopefully snapchat will reconsider changing it back to what it was before,” senior Jason Eisen said.

Snapchat really messed up this time. Let’s hope, for all of our sake, the next time that snapchat updates, that it is much better than last time because Snapchat plays such a huge part in our lives.


Drew Shrager

Staff Writer