ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Lechler stars on playoff-bound Patriots


After his game routine of taking a nap, taping his stick, and sharpening his skates, senior Zach Lechner leads the locker room in getting focused for a game. Consistently, Lechner has been the bridge between the coaches and the players and is the one who makes the school’s hockey club successful.


The ice hockey team has all four grades represented on its roster. With six seniors, their leading point scorer, Lechner, has made a definite impact on the team throughout his high school career.


Averaging 1.18 points per game this season, Lecher has established himself as a consistent, successful player and a threat to all opposing schools. Starting the season with a minor wrist injury, he has shown no signs of decline. “Zack is the fastest skater,” assistant hockey coach Alex Parker said. “He has a great ability to break it out of the zone and to create scoring opportunities.”


Lechner has been on varsity hockey since his freshman year. His debut 2014-15 season was far from the first time Lechner had touched the ice. “I started playing when I was four and I guess I never stopped since,” Lechner said. “When I started skating I was awful at hockey until I was around 11, and then I got kind of good. It just took off from there.”


Part of Lechner’s effectiveness comes from how he works with other players. “Lechner takes the time during practice to not only improve his own game, but to help others as well,” sophomore Scotty Collinson said.


Lechner has built chemistry with his teammates. He attributes his success to his peers. “I have a lot of good teammates to set me up. It’s good to have guys like John [Billingsley], Hunter [Band], and a bunch of other talented guys on the team,” Lechner said.


While he and the team have been successful this season finishing second in the Montgomery Division, he is aware of what he can improve to be an even more skilled player. “I could definitely get better with my shot.” Lechner said. “I could also get better with my stickhandling, too.”


Lechner’s teammates compliment their captain. “He’s a good teammate and a great guy,” sophomore Scotty Collinson said. “It has been a pleasure sharing the ice with him.” Freshman Nick Billingsley, out for the rest of the season with an injury, said, “Zach is one cool dude. He is a good person and he always gives a warm welcome to everyone in the locker room.”


While Lechner is playing his final hockey season, he reflects on his experiences along the way of his development. “I love everything about hockey to be honest, but my favorite part about the sport is probably just the kids that I’ve met and some of the memories that I’ve made,” Lechner said. “Nothing beats winning a championship with some of your best friends on the team. That’s what I hope to do with Wootton this year, and that’s what we will do.”


Riley Jordan

Staff Writer