Ice Hockey: Team wins another close game; fists fly on both sides


The hockey team has been on a tear since their loss to BCC, and is moving its way up the playoff rankings.
On Dec. 23, the hockey team took on Blair in what became a crucial game, due to their loss just the week before to BCC. Ultimately they came out with a 7-5 win. They were up four to one during the second period, but their defense and goaltending started to fall apart as they started the third, letting up four goals that period. Freshman Graham Blondes had his lone goal of the season and junior Zack Lechner continued his scoring slump, but was able to help the team close out the game by playing strong defense. Senior Drew Keppler, who has been in and out of the lineup, started and played well enough to help the team get the win.
Their next game came on Jan. 6 against Whitman. Whitman was favored to win the state championship in the preseason, but after two losses to this school in two tries, and other games that haven’t gone as expected, that is no longer the case.
This game was nothing like any of the games so far this season. Freshman Colin Brick started the game, but seven seconds into the game he got a cut on his neck from the stick of a Whitman player, and was taken out of the game after he was too hurt to play for Keppler. In addition, there was a scrum at the end of the game where senior Nic Band got an ejection and a three-game suspension for throwing a punch. A player on Whitman hit Band’s brother Hunter way after the whistle, but Nic is going to appeal to have the suspension reduced.
The boys came out fast but still let in the first goal of the game. After that they rattled off five goals to end the first period. After going up 5-1 to start the second period, they never looked back in an 8-1 win. Lechner had a goal that he scored when the puck was in mid air after the goalie saved his original shot, ending his three-game scoring slump.
Sophomore John Billingsley’s first two full games since the first game of the season were the last two games. He has three goals and three assists in the last two games, providing a huge boost to the team’s offense.
After the Whitman game, the league released playoff rankings in which this school is ranked sixth, which puts them right in the middle of the playoff race. The playoffs include 16 teams, so if the season ended today we would make the playoffs.
Their next game is against Quince Orchard on Jan. 13, too late to be covered in this issue.


Max Pasternak

Business Manager