Freundel reflects on teaching at other schools, teaching here


Charlie Eichberg

This year, one of the new teachers is John Freundel, a social studies teacher who has a passion for what he does. “History has always appealed to me because of the incredible stories that are out there. Real life is always stranger than fiction,” Freundel said.
Freundel studied and graduated at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. “In college I studied history and secondary ed,” Freundel said.

Freundel taught for 10 years at South Carroll High School in Carroll County before coming here. During his time teaching at South Carroll, he did not teach the classic history courses. “At my previous school I taught AP Psych and AP Macroeconomics, along with sociology and Issues in American Culture,” Freundel said.

Each school has their own different feel to it. Every person contributes to that: the students, teachers and other staff. “The environment at the school seems great, I am not used to such a big school so I am getting used to the number of students and the single lunch period,” Freundel said.

When new teachers come from other schools, they might have mixed feelings about their new environment. “I would say that it is impossible to say which I liked better, but the Wootton community has been incredibly welcoming and helpful over this first month,” Freundel said

Students also enjoy having Freundel as a teacher. “I think he is a really good teacher. I like him, he is nice,” freshmen Christina Dechert said

Freundel’s teaching style is also liked by students. “I like that he will give you a homework packet that you have a while to work on, and I think he explains the concepts of the class as well,” Dechert said.

Being a new teacher, Freundel can relate to the new freshmen. “I think that since he is also new to this school, it makes it easier to make a connection with him since we have something in common,” Dechert said.

Besides teaching, Freundel has other hobbies. “My hobbies include baseball, golf and when I have time, cooking,” Freundel said.


Adam Friedman

Staff Writer