ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Trophy case in disarray


Every sports team here at this school looks to earn a trophy which can be sit in the trophy case forever. That dream is scuffed when we see some of those trophies are lying down next to shattered glass at the bottom of the trophy case. In the Commons next to the gym doors, one of the trophy cases is in poor conditions. It is now broken glass, trophies lying on the floor, and then only two shelves on the right side which are not broken.

Part of the glass was broken after a brawl broke out in the Commons and someone got pushed into the glass. No one was injured, but three of the glass shelves holding up the trophies broke, causing over 10 trophies to fall to the ground. “I saw someone get pushed into the trophy case then I heard the glass shatter,” sophomore Hunter Band said.

That occurred in late February and yet to be fixed. This schools building management has not yet attempted to install or replace another shelf. With the majority of the students and teachers passing by the certain trophies the trophies have become a huge display as you may enter the school. “Building services are in charge of the trophy case as i see them clean it up by the gym when I teach,” said gym teacher James Long.

The building service crew has many things they are told to fix. Except it has not come up that the trophy case display needs to be fixed and treated with some respect. There has not been any maintenance done to ensure the quality of this school’s teams trophies. Instead the trophies this school has worked to achieve are being ignored by the administration who are supposed to tell the building service when something needs maintenance. With it still broken it seems there has been no priority in the administration or building service for someone to notice and fix the display

The trophy case being on display right by the main gym has led to criticism because it is still not fixed. This makes an impact on the school’s reputation for cleanliness and how well the school is perceived. The broken case has also lead certain student athletes in this school that the school doesn’t care about their sports-related events. The trophy status has an impact on how this school’s teams sees the way the school cares about their victory.

Players of those sports are upset that the trophies they earned on the floor. Those trophies include the boys and girls Soccer, Cross Country, and Cheer. “Our Varsity division champs trophies is on the floor and I do not want our future trophies to be treated that way”, sophomore Ben Stoller said.

Jonnie Voyta

Staff Writer