Varsity girls’ lacrosse season comes to end


Photo by Lea Weinstein

Girls’ varsity lacrosse warms up for their game against Sherwood.

When the final whistle at Bethesda Chevy Chase blew on May 11, it signaled the end of the girls’ varsity lacrosse season, with a 14-1 loss in the first round of the playoffs.  The team ended the season with three wins and nine losses but the losses don’t define the players and coaches thoughts on how the season went as a whole. “I thought the season was successful, the girls showed up and had fun,” coach Casey Fletcher said.

Although the season didn’t produce a ton of wins for the team, it did provide important life lessons. It taught the girls about being a team and helped them create new friendships. “As a girl who didn’t start off playing lacrosse, this team really helped me make friends and so many memories,” senior Adalyn Gully said.

The season consisted of the girls having fun together both during practice and outside of practice. Team bonding was  big,  especially because coming off of Covid-19 people hadn’t been able to see each other for so long and most of these girls had never played together. “The team bonded really well and had good chemistry together,” Fletcher said.

Although the team had their struggles, they made memories throughout the spring months. “I love the team bonding – we do like dinners and breakfasts,” senior Jenna Seibert said.

Throughout the season the girls played against tough teams such as Sherwood, Whitman and Walter Johnson. No matter what the score was, the players never gave up. “We definitely have faced a tough schedule this year but we maintained a positive attitude and we played as hard as we could,” junior Jessica Winson said.

One thing this team never lacked was motivation. The team gave it their all, especially when they played Sherwood.  Every practice consisted of a hard working team that wanted to win. “My motivation when we were losing was just that I knew I was going to regret it if I gave up and I would have been disappointed in myself because I knew that not giving it my all wasn’t what this team deserved,” junior Vivian Pisani  said.

Being on a team means understanding that you have people that you can work with to help you win. “The pitching relationship was supportive and uplifting on and off with you because we knew that in order to have a productive and fun season we needed to work together and not tear each other down at any time,” Pisani said.