Guide to navigating spring closet necessities


Photo by Hannah Rah

Senior Humnah Ibrahim catches up on her AP English Literature reading in her UGG slippers.

The Mar. 20 spring equinox marks the official beginning of spring. While this transition away from winter promises warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight, it can also engender a fashion dilemma: When the mornings bring chilly winds and the afternoons mean toasty sunlight, it can be difficult to dress for the stark contrast. Here are clothing pieces I believe will be essential in getting through the unpredictable spring weather:


Easy to style and comfortable to wear, flannels are a must-have in anyone’s spring wardrobe. They can often be found in a diverse range of patterns and colors, making them an easy piece to reach for when it comes to brightening a spring outfit. Flannels aren’t just colorful and fun, though; they’re also practical. By layering an outfit with a flannel, you stay warm in the morning but maintain the option to shed the extra layer in the sunnier afternoon.  PacSun and Urban Outfitters carry a wide variety of flannels, while H&M offers extra warmth for those chilly spring mornings with their thicker shacket flannels. Junior Eli Breckenridge most associates flannels with fall, but also finds them convenient in the spring. “I wear them when it’s too warm for a hoodie,” Breckenridge said.


According to Vogue, UGG boots first rose to prominence in the 2000s, but remain a contemporary favorite. The ankle-length UGG boots, in particular, took TikTok by storm, prompting a number of the app’s users to cut their full-length boots shorter themselves to emulate the look. I believe the excitement surrounding these mini UGG boots is warranted, as they are perfect for spring despite their close association with winter; the signature sheepskin lining of the shoe keeps you warm in the morning, but the cropped look also gives you the freedom to enjoy a warmer afternoon. Moccasins and slippers from UGG are also great options to consider going into spring.

Ripped or cropped jeans

A cute pair of jeans is a necessity, regardless of the season, but opting for ripped or cropped jeans in the spring may help in building an outfit that fits the ever-changing weather. These styles of jeans can help keep cool during a warmer afternoon, without the hassle of shivering through the morning that wearing shorts may cause. “Jeans are perfect for spring, with a cute tank top or t-shirt,” sophomore Brielle Rudolph said.


Getting excited to wear a flowy dress or skirt in preparation for a sunny spring afternoon, only to find the morning’s temperatures too cold for the outfit, can be disappointing. Tights are a great solution to this dilemma, as they add an extra layer to an outfit. Much like flannels, tights are often available in a wide array of patterns and shades, so they can act as a statement piece in an outfit. Creating a ‘60s-inspired look by adding bright tights to a dress can be an interesting way to face the spring weather. “I like tights because they can be worn with a variety of outfits, like dresses and skirts, and if it’s partially cold, you can wear them under your pants,” senior Humnah Ibrahim said.