Students frustrated by rule against leaving school grounds for lunch


Photo by Lizzie Misovec

Sophomore Danielle Ram waits for her dad to drop her lunch off. Ram did not have enough time to pack her lunch in the morning and called her dad to bring it to her. “I often forget my lunch and it is hard for my dad to go out of his way to bring me food,” Ram said.

Although a number of  students have access to their car with a parking spot, the school’s long-standing policy is that students are not allowed to leave school grounds for lunchtime, leaving students frustrated.

Recently, students were given eight extra minutes of lunch time. A minute of time was taken in between each class and added to lunch. “I enjoy the extra eight minutes of lunch. I don’t get to see many of my friends in classes throughout the day so I appreciate the time I have with them at lunchtime,” junior Zach Haledjian said. 

The amount of time in lunch first semester was 33 minutes but now has increased to 41 minutes. “There is more than enough time left in lunch for students to leave school and pick up food and be back in time for their sixth period,” sophomore Mathew Cortes said. 

Although seniors have parking spots, they are prohibited to leave school during lunchtime, whether it is to pick up food or anything else. “I think if you have a parking spot, leaving school to grab food for lunch and getting back in time shouldn’t be a problem,” senior Helena Hansen said.

Leaving school could result in the permanent loss of a parking spot. “My friend left the building and got back quickly but when he returned, he was confronted by a security guard and given a warning. If it happened again, he said his spot would be taken,” Hansen said.

Quince Orchard permits seniors to leave during lunchtime and eat at the nearby restaurants. “My friend from QO is allowed to leave and grab a bite to eat at the restaurants near her school during lunch time as long as she makes it back before the end of lunch,” freshman Bianca Diamond said. 

There are situations where students may forget their lunch or don’t have one, and leaving to pick up food can be an option people would take. “There are some days where I don’t have many ingredients at my house to make food for lunch and a family member can’t drop something off,” Cortes said. 

Doordash and other food delivery apps are another way to get food to students. The fees, can be costly when including the tip for the driver. “I use Doordash sometimes at home and the fees are so high for some restaurants. In the end I am usually paying double the price of what the food would originally be,” Diamond said.  

Students are frustrated with their limited freedoms in the school but also understand the school’s point of view. “I understand the schools want to keep everyone accounted for but for seniors it would be a good privilege to have if there was a safe way to keep track of people,” Haledjian said. 

The attendance office uses a signout sheet when students enter late and exit school early. “Students could use a check out sheet if they leave during lunch so the school can keep track of where everyone is,” Diamond said.