Extended lunch put to relaxing use


Photo by Kailyn King

Senior Kailyn King enjoys scrapbooking in her free time.

The block schedule adopted by MCPS allows students to have an hour and 15 minutes of lunch time. Students find that this permits them to not only use this time to eat but in other ways as well.

This extended block of lunch is used to catch up on work. The additional 30-minute difference from last year’s lunch is beneficial for studying and completing assignments. “I’m a senior so I choose to do college apps during the lunch period because I have spare time and I can work on what I don’t have time for later in the day,” senior Crystal Loyd said.

Even with the school day beginning at nine in the morning now instead of 7:40, students find it difficult to wake up and remain awake in classes. “I sometimes take naps during lunch since it doesn’t usually take me an hour to eat lunch, and I can catch up on sleep before my next classes,” senior Avana Wang said.

Students also are able to find time to take a break from school-related work and enjoy leisure activities. “I like to watch TV during lunch while I eat; it is relaxing and takes my mind off all the assignments I have to do after school ends,” senior Ellie Novak said.

Video games provide another form of entertainment to pass time before the last two classes for the day begin. “Among Us is a game that has become really popular lately and whenever I’m not completing work or finishing up college applications I will play with some of my friends. The game tends to be more fun when we’re all on Facetime and talking while playing,” Loyd said.

The long lunch break provides time to get fresh air. With school being online, students are cooped up inside for most of the day staring at computer screens for hours on end. “I go outside and take walks around my neighborhood so I can stretch and clear my head,” Novak said.

I eat a snack and relax before next class and sometimes I scrapbook or paint as well.”

— Kailyn King

Students like to take up projects during this time such as working on different forms of art and fun activities. “I eat a snack and relax before next class and sometimes I scrapbook or paint as well,” senior Kailyn King said.

Whether it’s catching up on assignments, college work or leisure activities, students are creative in finding ways to pass time aside from eating during extended lunch periods.