“The Flash”: New season may not be going fast enough


Photo courtesy Ethan Fayne

Junior Ethan Fayne watches “The Flash.”

After the long awaited arrival of season 7, “The Flash” finally came back on air. The first episode “All’s Well That Ends Wells,” premiered on Mar. 2. The show now airs regularly on Tuesdays on the CW.

“The Flash” season 6 ended on a cliffhanger and viewers were left waiting for more than nine months. “The Flash” had to take a break from filming because of COVID-19, which cut season 6 down two episodes, only having 20 instead of 22.

The first episode this season takes place right where season 6 ended off. We dive right back into the drama in the Arrowverse and watch how once again, Barry Allen is left to try to find a way to stop a villain, save his friends and save humanity.

As the seasons have progressed we have seen many changes in plots and Team Flash. With Iris in a dire situation and currently one of the big plot points of the show, the WestAllen duo has been interrupted. An article from etonline.com talks about the changes with Iris and Barry and includes a quote from Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Alan. When talking about the romantic aspect of The WestAllen’s team, Grant Gustin said it “has been a completely different dynamic.”

Two of Team Flash’s very own were not present for the premiere. Caitlyn Snow and Frost, played by Danielle Panabaker, and Cisco Ramon, played Carlos Valdes, were not in the first episode. However we see both actors make an appearance during the second episode, “The Speed of Thought.” Website cartermatt.com has confirmed the return of these two characters for the long run. Cartermett.com wrote, “Both Panabaker and Carlos Valdes will be returning to the series in due time, and there are some big stories coming for each of them.”

Episode 3 of this season, titled “Mother,” was aired on Mar. 16. There are mixed opinions on how this episode went down. The current villain of the show, Eva McCulloch, came to one of the most typical villain endings we have seen. “The Flash” gives Eva a speech similar to ones we have seen in the past filled with inspiration and the message you can still do the right thing, it is not too late. The emotional speech works and Eva realizes what she has done was wrong and works with the Flash to try to fix her mistakes.

Some viewers were not too thrilled about the way this season started. Sophomore Sean Snyder is unsatisfied with the new season so far. “I didn’t really think it was the greatest, but I liked how they continued from the previous season and I am just waiting for what’s next,” Snyder said.

It has been a while since I watched ‘The Flash,’ and was excited for the new season, but I was actually bored watching it and felt that the plot needed a change”

— Neha Dheenadhayalan

Fans feel that the show has been dragged out. Junior Neha Dheenadhayalan was not too thrilled with the new season. “It has been a while since I watched ‘The Flash,’ and was excited for the new season, but I was actually bored watching it and felt that the plot needed a change,” Dheenadhayalan said.

Of course in Central City, we can never be too surprised when a new villain or life threatening event occurs, so we can only assume this season will continue with the plot twists and problems only Team Flash can solve. Viewers are hoping for a change that will live up to the earlier seasons.