COVID-friendly activities for every type of person


Photo by Kirby Child

Senior Kelly Baldwin enjoys a day at Whitetail Resort and is glad COVID-19 restrictions don’t prevent her from skiing.

Outdoorsy people

For those of you going stir crazy from being cooped up inside during school hours, there are tons of activities you can take advantage of to get outdoors after school and on the weekends. 

  • Go for a hike (Great Falls, Sugarloaf Mountain)
  • Go for a walk or bike ride (along the canal, around your neighborhood) 
  • Build a treehouse 
  • Go fishing 
  • Watch the sunset/sunrise 


Creative people

As virtual school makes it hard to get your creative juices flowing, it’s important to keep in touch with your artistic side. There are a ton of safe and fun activities to do just that. 

  • Learn to sew or knit
  • Cook for your family
  • Bake treats for friends and neighbors
  • Follow along with Bob Ross painting videos 

Sporty people

For a lot of students, it’s been tough transitioning from playing and/or watching sports after school everyday. Though it’s not the same, there are still ways to stay active and continue your love of athletics. 

  • Watch reruns and live games
  • Do at-home workouts (YouTube, Peloton, AppleFitness)
  • Train for a post-covid run (5K, 10k, half-marathon) 
  • Build your at-home gym 
  • Play non-contact sports with friends or family (pickleball, tennis)
  • Go skiing or snowboarding at a local mountain (Whitetail, Liberty, Wisp)



Not everyone is against the idea of staying at home all day every day, but there still might come a point where you’re not sure what to do with yourself. Here are a few lazy day activities to keep the boredom at bay:

  • Read 
  • Movie marathon (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings)
  • Online shop (mostly for pajamas and athleisure-wear, of course)
  • Redecorate or reorganize 
  • Play cards or board games with your family 



Times are especially tough for extroverts who thrive when surrounded by others. Even though it’s not quite the same, there are some replacements for hanging out in large groups or attending big social events. 

  • Group Facetimes 
  • Socially-distanced picnic with friends (in D.C., at a neighborhood park) 
  • Netflix Party 
  • Virtual concerts