Putting on the Hits tradition moves online this year


Photo courtesy Jillian Pohoryles

The senior class last year at the end of their performance at POTH last year.

Putting on the Hits is a tradition held by the senior planning, Splanning, where grades and individual acts compete in a lip-sync battle.

Each year POTH takes place in the winter at night in the school auditorium. Splanning plans the event and has four students host.

Throughout the second quarter, students look forward to the infamous night of POTH. This year the tradition will go on, only it will be online.

The night starts with individual acts who dance and lip-sync to songs for the winner’s title. After the individual acts, the class acts perform their dances with students in their grade. The freshman, sophomores and juniors all go head to head for the win.

Occasionally, there will be guest performances from SGA, poms, teachers and cheer. In the end, the final performance is from Splanning as the judges tally the votes. The first place prize for both the class act and individual act is $100. Teachers are the judges for the acts.

This year’s class and individual acts will be online. Splanning senior Jillian Pohoryles said, “Right now, the tentative date we had set has been pushed back to allow for more preparation and organization so we can ensure it’s the best they can make it online this year.”

Anyone can still get involved in POTH for individual acts by sending in a video dancing. Whether it’s a choreographed routine with lip-syncing or just a Tik Tok, students can submit it for an individual act to compete or get a club together on Zoom and have everyone send in videos to compile into one routine.

My favorite thing about POTH is that we get so many groups of people throughout the school involved.

— Jillian Pohoryles

Pohoryles said, “My favorite thing about POTH is that we get so many groups of people throughout the school involved. We have class planning acts, dance groups, solo acts, funny lip-syncing, teachers, and more. It’s really cool to see a variety of people come together with each of their unique talents to create an entertaining show.”

Last year, the juniors (current seniors) won for the class act. They had won the previous two years before making this their third win. They put on an impressive performance. Since they are so strong and creative, students and teachers look forward to how they will do POTH online this year.

Junior Amanda Slud said, “I am excited about POTH because my grade put a lot of effort into it, and it was fun to do despite being online.”

Anyone can get involved and by just sending in a video. To contact splanning you can send an email to senior sponsors Ms. Roberts and Mr. Schwartz. You can also contact or email anyone on the POTH committee. In addition, you can direct message the @woottonclassof2021 Instagram account to reach out.

Sophomore Ella White said, “POTH is always super fun! you have to practice the dances a bit on your own but the poth group was super great! the choreographers would always help out when someone was confused about a dance and really did an amazing job!”