Did Borat sequel live up to the hype?


AJ Grainger

Borat gets ready to suit up for the sequel to his 2016 movie.

The highly anticipated sequel of the comedy Borat, Borat Subsequent MovieFilm, was released on Amazon Prime on Oct. 23. Fans had been waiting since 2006 for the sequel. Did the sequel live up to the hype?

The movie kicks off with Borat stuck in prison in his home country, Kazakhstan, until he is freed by the premier. He is released with the mission to deliver the minister of culture, Johnny the Monkey, to President Donald Trump in order to redeem Kazakhstan.

Borat is transported to the United States by a boat and ends up in Texas. When Borat gets to the United States he finds out that he is a celebrity, but he tries to keep a low profile by buying lots of disguises. Borat later finds out that on his way to the United States, his daughter Tutar snuck in Johnny The Monkey’s crate so that she could come to the United States with her dad. However, she has eaten him, even though he was to be a gift to Trump.

The premier of Kazakhstan tells Borat that he has to find a way to satisfy the president of the United States or else he will get executed. Left with no options, Borat decides that his best shot is to offer Tutar to the president.

For the rest of the movie, Borat risks his life in his effort to redeem his home country.

The comedy in the Borat series is unique from other types of comedy movies since it is shot as a mockumentary. The whole movie is satirical and the comedy is a curveball. The movie does a good job of making moments that are serious in real life funny.

For example, when Borat’s daughter eats Johnny the Monkey, the movie plays it off as a laughable moment. The events in the movie are so extreme that you feel like anything can happen throughout its duration.

Junior Nick Jones has been a Borat fan for a couple of years and was disappointed by the sequel. “I thought that the second version of Borat was funny but it just didn’t live up to the hype and it was not nearly as good as the first movie,” Jones said.

Borat Subsequent MovieFilm is a fun and exciting movie to watch, but it just does not stack up with the first movie. It misses a lot of the memorable moments from the first movie and doesn’t make you feel as excited and exhilarated.