Netflix movie Enola Holmes pleases viewers



New poster for “Enola Holmes” movie on Netflix

The new Netflix movie Enola Holmes has become popular amongst viewers. This mystery and thriller stars Millie Bobby Brown, Louis Partridge, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter.

This movie has gotten attention from viewers all over the world and has even reached the top 10 list on Netflix. “The movie is also looking like it could set some viewership records for Netflix, having scored the biggest debut the streaming site has seen since March, and is well on the way to becoming one of the company’s most-watched original films ever,” We Got This Covered said in a recent article.

Enola Holmes is based on Enola, Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, who searches for her missing mother. As she is on her journey, she encounters obstacles and unique people on the way, one being a young lord who has run away from home. While trying to find her mother, she also tries not to get caught by her older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft.

At the beginning, we see Enola with her mother. The movie shows Enola growing up and all the things her mother has taught her. Then one day, Enola wakes up to the realization that her mother has vanished. Alongside her two brothers, Enola searches the house for clues that her mother may have left behind. Enola, knowing her mother the best, connects the dots and finds a clue that places her mother in London.

Enola sets off on her own, without telling her brothers. Dressed as a young boy to fit in, Enola goes to the train station where she runs into a young lad, Lord Tewksburry, who has run away from home. Once someone on the train sets to find this Lord, Enola makes a decision to help him out. They both jump out of the train, rolling down a hill in the middle of nowhere. They eventually make it to London and set out on their separate ways.

Toward the end of the movie, Enola reconnects with Tewksbury and helps him find out who was after him. Enola eventually does find her mother, when she is waiting for her at her lodgings.

Throughout the movie, there are a variety of action and stunts, as well as special effects to add to the excitement. Another cool thing about this movie is that throughout, the main character Enola, talks to the camera. This brings the audience with her on her journey. Junior Ellie Metz said, “I really liked watching this movie and the cool stunts and action kept it interesting.”

Overall, Enola Holmes has positive reviews and themes of female empowerment . I would recommend this film to anyone who wants an action packed movie.