Ski Club hopes to hit slopes this winter


Photo courtesy Matteo Simamora

Last year’s Ski Club enjoyed numerous trips to White Tail Resort in Pennsylvania.

Like other clubs the Ski Club, sponsored by psychology teacher Amy Buckingham, has to adjust to this virtual setting during this time away from in-person school.

Under normal circumstances, the club met every Friday after school for roughly two months, beginning in December and continuing until late February. The first few meetings are informational, with the actual trips to the skiing resorts starting over the following weeks.

Every year the club goes to the resorts seven to eight times, meeting after school and leaving for Pennsylvania, where the resorts Ski Liberty and Whitetail are located. After a two-hour drive with the bus or carpooling, the group takes about 30 minutes to get their gear ready and for the next two to three hours, club members choose between skiing and snowboarding. The group then has dinner at the resort’s clubhouse, and makes their way back to Maryland.

Being part of the ski club does come at a financial cost, since students have to pay a $450 fee that includes equipment rental, lift tickets and bus fare (food is not included in this cost).

Through ski club, we want to create a fun and inclusive environment among skiers of all levels.

— Matteo Simamora

The club encourages any student to join, regardless of their skill level. “Through ski club, we want to create a fun and inclusive environment among skiers of all levels,” senior and club president Matteo Simamora said.

According to him, rookie skiers and snowboarders can learn from more experienced fellow members, and by the end of the season most students have a grasp of the basic skills. Members also have the opportunity to attend group teaching sessions, which can be done by purchasing rental skis or snowboarding equipment.

Rentals come with a one time fee of $50, but members are welcome to bring their own equipment to the resorts.

During the ski club trips, students have created memories and relationships with people they have never met before, due to the bonding the club members establish through the season. While students in the club enjoy skiing, being in each other’s company is what they appreciate the most.

After the season ends, there is nothing but positive feedback from club participants. There is high praise from inside the club about Buckingham and her role as the club sponsor. “Ms. Buckingham is very supportive and good at organizing,” senior and Co-Vice President Ryan Dabbs said.

Dabbs also said that the season pass for people would normally be anywhere between $700 to $1,000, but members of the ski club only have to pay $350. “[Ms. Buckingham] has been an integral part of the club and is the reason why the club gets a good deal at the resorts,” Simamora said.

With the club going virtual, this winter’s trips to Pennsylvania are no longer guaranteed. Buckingham has been called upon to make the club’s transition from in-person to virtual as smooth as possible. According to club participants, throughout the first few meetings in Zoom this year, Buckingham was able to bond new and returning members and has left the door open for possible trips to the resorts this year.