Wootton Sports Network screens games through social media


Photo courtesy of Eric Yeh

Seniors Raymond Yu, Eric Yeh and Philip Zhao broadcast a basketball game for Wootton Sports Network Club last year.

The Wootton Sports Network Club (WSN), which live streams and broadcasts sports games for people who can’t attend them, was founded by senior Eric Yeh. WSN covers a variety of different sports, including baseball, girls’ volleyball, boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer and handball.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the halt of all school sports, which has affected WSN and what the club can broadcast. “We hope we can safely return to in-person come the second semester,” Yeh said.

Despite the hiatus, anyone interested can join the broadcast team. New members are required to undergo training before becoming a broadcaster. “During the school year, we were streaming the varsity volleyball games via YouTube on our channel and occasionally on Instagram Live,” senior Karan Naiknavare said.

The club has taken advantage of popular social media platforms to ensure all students can watch the games and its popularity has risen over the past few years. “This club is fairly popular, and people who are interested in the sports we broadcast usually join the stream when they can’t watch live, and others all come on during playoff season,” Naiknavare said.

During COVID-19, we are doing some podcasts, and we’re doing a lot of sports-related talks on the school website and our podcast.”

— Karan Naiknavare

WSN’s Instagram account has 153 followers, and their YouTube channel “Yeh Studios” has amassed 36 subscribers, with 23 high-quality videos of a variety of different sports events. To compensate for the recent lack of games, Naiknavare and the WSN team have decided to start a podcast to educate others on the club and talk about sports. “During COVID-19, we are doing some podcasts, and we’re doing a lot of sports-related talks on the school website and our podcast,” Naiknavare said.

Every weekend, the club allows people to watch their favorite sports teams play live. This aspect of the club interested Naiknavare. “I came one day not expecting anything, and I fell in love with being attached to a riveting game and witnessing it firsthand, while also explaining it to others,” he said.

WSN has allowed students to be active members of the school community by supporting the talented sports teams and elevating school spirit. Despite the COVID-19 setback, the club hopes to return stronger and continue to showcase its student-athletes.