Fall attractions are open during pandemic


Junior Emily Levine spends her day at Butler’s Orchard in the pumpkin patch.

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air grows crisp, students are eager to revel in COVID-19 friendly fall attractions. “Fall is my favorite season because I love the weather and all of the activities such as pumpkin picking. I am really excited that most of my favorite attractions are adjusting their guidelines to make it safe with coronavirus,” freshman Bailey Luts said.

Certain venues such as Butler’s Orchard, located in Germantown, are not letting the virus impact the activities that it offers. Purchasing a $15 ticket is required to enter their pumpkin patches as well as take part in their “Fun Farm Park,” which includes giant slides, a corn maze, hayrides, pedal tractors and an on-site coffee shop. “I attended Butler’s Orchard two weeks ago with some of my friends. We made a reservation online and the process was really simple and straightforward. When we arrived at the orchard, we were directed to the pumpkin patch where we spent about 30 minutes taking pictures and walking around. Then, we headed over to the Fun Farm Park and bought apple cider,” junior Emily Levine said.

A new season calls for delectable treats and District Doughnut is the place to be this season. Located in Washington, D.C, this doughnut shop is sure to satisfy one’s fall cravings. It offers a wide variety of desserts, custom to popular fall flavors including sweet potato pie, pumpkin, pumpkin cheesecake and maple butter pecan. “I was in D.C a few days ago with my friends after a hockey game and we found this doughnut shop. We tried a few flavors and they were all so good. I love the different flavors in the fall time,” senior Robert Neill III said.

Aside from the pumpkin patches and pumpkin flavored treats, fall is a spooky time of year. Markoff’s Haunted Forest is a haunted forest with extreme events and bonfires. With guidelines for the pandemic still in place, employees as well as visitors are required to stay at least six feet apart. In previous years, the haunted forest included two haunted trails and one town with horror- filled activities but now only one trail is offered.

Markoff’s Haunted Forest remains open throughout COVID-19, however, it was forced to adjust its scares to ensure everyone feels safe. “I go to Markoff’s every year with my friends and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go this year but they have made it very clear that they are taking precautions while keeping the attraction up and running. None of the actors are allowed to touch any visitors and face masks are required. I bought a ticket for next weekend and I’m so excited,” senior Moses Amobi said.